Free to sin but still cannot bring myself to do it

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  • never a jw
    never a jw

    Sinboi "for my obsession with my genitals and sex"

    It's normal in most healthy males. It will go away when you turn 80. Be patient. Just another 63 years and the obsession will be over. No need to go to the shrink.

  • sinboi

    hahaha! another 63 years??? I have seen people around 40 y.o. needs viagra already...that is why I'm so eager to use it now before it becomes useless....

  • Drearyweather
    I don't want to see how he kill babies at armeggedon!!! evil d.o.g!

    You don't have to wait till Armageddon.

    Just go to the internet and see how many abortions take place each year in the name of "unwanted pregnancies". Reported vs Non-reported. Actual killing of human life..err..sorry...Medical Termination of Pregnancy.

    Funnily, you will find people who will condemn the killings mentioned in the Bible but condone the abortions taking place. People can justify anything for their own benefit and cause.

  • zeb

    A British satire show "The Frost Report" once mentioned a church in the UK that had a sign at front,

    "If you are tired of sin come on in".. under which some wit had written "If you are not ring (number)".

  • Onager

    Hey Sinboi,

    One of the things I've found as I've got older is that I can't stand to watch "Real" violence in films. As I have settled down as an atheist I see more and more the sanctity of all human life. We are only here for one short chance at existence and the thought of that being taken away is too horrible.

    Perhaps if you didn't watch too many of those kinds of films you wouldn't get so affected either?

    (When I say real violence I mean violence that really happened, like war films, or violence that could happen like the Saw films. I enjoy films with fantasy violence like Aliens, although I do fast forward some of the more grisly moments tbh.)

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