Free to sin but still cannot bring myself to do it

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  • sinboi
    If you are "sinning" against anyone it would be against yourself because YOU have to live with the consequences of your decisions and actions.

    Thank you for your advice. The advice I received from the ppl here is so different from the advice I receive from those in the org. I am sick of their advice. The advice I get from here is so practical so down to earth. When I seek their advice, they seldom give me scriptural advice. Instead they will point me to what awake! and wt say about that topic... the fds say this, fds say that.

    There is another thing that you guys have proved them wrong. They say never visit ex jw sites. They are just wanting to pull jw out to join them. Once you are out, nobody will care about you. But you guys have proved them wrong. I have received much needed advice and support from you guys.

    But really I wanted to explore sex. I am sick of my friends teasing me and called me the 16 y.o. virgin boy. Next month they will start calling me 17 y.o. virgin boy. I can don't celebrate birthdays, xmas, etc .. but I wanted a sexual experience. A close friend of mine say they can make me drunk so that I will not have any guilty feelings. But uncle Still Totally Add advises me to have safe sex and you reminded me that I have to bear the consequences of my action...I will take heed of these advice.

  • Still Totally ADD
    Still Totally ADD

    sinboi my wife and I escape together in 2010. We have been married for over 43 years. She is still the love of my life and will always be. Our two grown children, one 40 yrs and 35 yrs old and 5 grandchildren have nothing to do with us. Time will only tell on this subject. We are hopeful. Thank-you for my new title Uncle Still Totally ADD. It will be my pleasure to be your honorary Uncle. Please PM anytime. I will try my best to help you with any problems you may face. Take care and when you can be happy. Uncle Still Totally ADD

  • Scully

    A lot of the things JWs define as a "sin" are, in fact, perfectly normal and definitely NOT sinful.

    It's part of the healing process to take baby steps and try those things that were once forbidden to you as a JW. Be smart, be safe, and don't partake in things that you know could hurt yourself or someone else (drugs, drunkenness, unprotected sex, etc.)

    There's no right or wrong time to begin experimenting, just be sure that you're comfortable and have an exit strategy if things start to feel overwhelming for you.

  • redvip2000
    Now I am worried about my military obligation in a year's time. Will I be able to get myself involve in bayonet fighting?
    Not to go on a tangent, but if the military in your country still engages in bayonet fighting, you might consider emigrating altogether.
  • sinboi
    Not to go on a tangent, but if the military in your country still engages in bayonet fighting, you might consider emigrating altogether.

    Hey, interesting...I consulted a ex jw who have compromised and join the army in the 70's. He told me that the most traumatic part for him is the bayonet fighting part.

    He is trained on how to kill an enemy using the bayonet.

    They no longer use the bayonet anymore? How do they train now? Need to check out with my worldly friends who are in the army. I don't think I will have problem shooting a missile at the enemy or dropping a bomb on them. But not piecing a bayonet at someone's chest....

  • Anders Andersen
    Anders Andersen

    As long as you consider (or even just call) things 'sinning' you're not really free.

    Sin is a man made concept. We'd better start thinking about the consequences of our actions, how they affect ourselves and others. That's much more important than arbitrary (and ancient) lists of do's and dont's!

  • darkspilver

    sinboi: Will I be able to get myself involve in bayonet fighting?

    redvip2000: Not to go on a tangent, but if the military in your country still engages in bayonet fighting, you might consider emigrating altogether.


    The British Army: Combat Infantryman's Course - PARA

    Weeks 9 to 11: Bayonet fighting

    The British Army: Combat Infantryman's Course - Foot Guards

    Weeks 21 and 22: Bayonet fighting
  • exjwlemming

    S.I.N.= Self Imposed Nonsense.

  • yodastar

    Hey there Sinboi. Gotta say down the track once you have worked this out you will change your sinboi handle eh? Totally get it at this stage though. Give yourself a pat on the back to be brave enough to get out at 16 so congrats.

    Don't forget you have had 16 years of complete brainwashing and the formative years of youth are a big one for forming our ideas of what is right or wrong or 'sin'. We have already realized we have a core of human behavior though, which most of the time allows us just to be nice! When you add the fear and guilt of the borg is when we think of sinning etc, don't you think?

    It'll take time to work through it all so just be nice to yourself and soon enough you will just be able to enjoy any social situation without 'over thinking it' !! So good luck and enjoy Freedom. Cheers

  • sinboi

    Hey, have most of you become atheist?

    You no longer think that the Bible is the word of God?

    I have not come to this stage yet.

    OK. I can agree that celebrating birthday, attending parties are not sins.

    But stealing, sexual immorality, killing of another human are certainly sins.

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