So Proud of Pops

by brandnew 92 Replies latest jw friends

  • freddo


    These elders - they've come back again?!

  • Divergent

    200 / 40 = $5 each

    Don't tell me the publishers there are so damn broke that they can't afford to come up with $5 each???

  • LongHairGal


    See! I told you they weren't through with your Dad and that they would be back!!!

    Sometimes I hate being right.

    You had better be determined to be VERY vigilant with Dad and make sure he is not alone with these people. If he spends any time alone with them, they will work on him and try to wear him down. It is too bad he has been generous in the past. I have even heard stories of Witnesses visiting elderly in hospitals to encourage them to give money...Your father is still standing so they feel they will have some luck!

    They are like predatory dogs who don't want to give up a piece of meat. Watch out.

  • brandnew
    Yup freddo, div, and long hair......them lames have no shame in their game. And yes , they got shot down again. They said something like "we all use the hall, so we all should pay our share" . 😨 So they need to practice what they preach.😂😂
  • Heaven

    Is it time to get the legal authorities involved, brandnew?

    Edited to add: In Ontario, Canada, this is illegal. It's called 'elder abuse' and the police don't take kindly to people doing this to the elderly.

  • fastJehu

    Every time they come back to pops to beg for money, it will be clearer and clearer for pops, that they are "only" interested in his money - and NOT in his person or his healthiness.

    There is no better way to open his eyes.

  • brandnew
    Heaven pops congo has gone from 50 to about 35 in two years. 😆 I will check into that though. While im here....THEY WILL NOT abuse my dad. Aint happenin. Im goin offshore here in about a week, so pops will be visiting family in cali. And he's not going to contribute b4 he leaves.😈😈 .
  • brandnew
    @fast jehu.....yup lil by lil....eyes are openin.😀
  • tornapart
    It seems your dear pop has done more than his fair share of giving Brandnew..... now it's someone else's turn! So glad your pops is sticking to his guns and giving them nothing, ...the weasles!!
  • Heaven

    brandnew said: Heaven pops congo has gone from 50 to about 35 in two years

    Hey brandnew, that's quite a drop. Is this because people are leaving or have gotten too old or passed away or a combo of these?

    I know you'll protect him and I'm glad you'll check into what the law says about 'elder abuse'. Is there any time you'll be away where he'll be left on his own or is the plan now for him to always visit with family or have someone else there with him if you are away?

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