So Proud of Pops

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  • brandnew

    Ok so a car pulls up to the house and 3 eldurrs from my dads congo come up. They come in and have thee nerve to ask me to step out so they can speak to pops!!!! This is the good part.....pops says...and i quote " whatever needs to be said..can be said in front of my son". ☺ Thats right !! Pops told em . I wasnt goin anywhere anyway.😈. So as they are kissin his ass and tellin him how nice his house , and cars are, they mention that funds at the kh are low. Pops hasnt donated since they gave him a hard time about him forgettin to shave a few months back. So pops asks what the regular costs are.."small kh in puerto rico"...they say around $300 a month. Pops says his regular donation is exactly $300 a month , and has been for the past 10 years. In other words nobody donates . This is the good part....pops words again... " between the three of you young ELDERS !! you 3 cant come up with $100 dollars each? "....their faces turned red , and they had no comeback. By this time im about ready to bust out laughing ...trying to hold it in... Then i ask.." What was so confidential about that conversation?"

    I never got an answer from any of them. They left and i explained to pops that they expected you to bow down , and bust out the wallet. Pops agreed. Im glad i was here, and glad pops put his foot down. No more donations.

    Mad Puppy

  • fastJehu

    The logical thinking of your pops made me smiling

  • brandnew

    @fast thanks fast....yeah he's 80 yrs old....but still sharp.

    And i dont think they thought he would say what he said.

  • fastJehu
    logicl thinking has no place in this religion. The elders expected obedience and that pops change his last will in favor of the JWs. That could be the reason, they don't won't your sit in.

    Good Story Pup!..

    Then i ask.." What was so confidential about that conversation?".....I never got an answer from any of them.

    There Was Something,They Didn`t Want You To See..


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  • bohm


    I would have loved to hear what they were talking about in the car on the way home!

    Was it the same elders who scolded him about the beard?

  • WingCommander

    So the Elders are making "Shepherding calls" in the form of shake-downs for money from the Elderly? I've heard it all......this takes the cake. No question about it, this religion is a total fraud. I would have told those Elders to go beg for their congregations money back from WT HQ, since HQ was kind enough to demand it all be sent in last year! Let them beg for their own money back! $1 billion dollars in sales, and local Elders have to resort to shaking down the elderly for money to pay measly monthly bills. Wow, just wow!!

    Should have told them, "What are you doing here? You should pray more, after all - JEHOVAH PROVIDES!"

    What low-life mutherfuggers!

  • blondie

    Voting with your wallet seems to work quite well. I wonder how many jws are doing this and the WTS is hurting. My husband did accounts for ten years, 5 as an elder because there was no one competent, trustworthy, or honest. He saw who donated with checks, the ones that gave 75% of the monthly donations. And it wasn't the elders. My husband said a drop of $300 from one person would have made paying the bills difficult. When an older sister died who had moved to another congregation, they wanted to dip into the congregation money; not a penny offered by the 6 elders except my husband. He put his foot down and the BOE had to get the money elsewhere.

    Where is the love?

  • Skedaddle

    ''$1 billion dollars in sales, and local Elders have to resort to shaking down the elderly for money to pay measly monthly bills. Wow, just wow!!''

    This would make amazing footage for spoof jworg tv!!!

    Credits would read: ''All characters in this video clip were actors but the stories were REAL!!!'' That needs to be done!!!

  • sparky1

    "As far back as I can remember, I always wanted to be a gangster..........I mean Elder"

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