So Proud of Pops

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  • nugget

    Good for him. His contribution was significant so no one else felt obliged to dip into their own pockets. Nice to know that money was the sole purpose for their visit.

  • brandnew

    @nugget......yup the sole reason.......they never asked how my dad was feeling. Damn leeches!!!

    Mad Puppy

  • brandnew

    JW sure did sound like my dads donations are keeping the kh afloat. Pops is not donating for a few months to see what happens.☺

    Mad Puppy

  • brandnew

    Soo !!☺☺ this beautiful sunday morning consists of my father letting me know he doesnt feel like going to his meeting. Yaaaay!! Im takin him out for breakfast, and a drive by the beach, where we can park on the sand , and have us a father n son shot of rum.☺

    Happy Puppy

  • talesin

    Well, Happy Sunday to you. That's great news. Cheers

  • brandnew

    @talesin.....happy sunday to you too.☺

    Mad \ Happy Puppy

  • Heaven

    brandnew.... as you once said to me, now I say to you... you are a good person for looking after your pops.

    And I am glad your Dad is finally starting to see the real truth of this religion. I am going for breakfast with friends this morning as well. No drive down the beach though... it's still a bit chilly here even though we are getting some above freezing temperatures.

    I hope you and your Dad enjoy breakfast. Hugs to you and your pops!

  • biblexaminer

    I love this thread. Super. And 'POPS' asking why the damned elders can't kick in the cash.

    Like the Old MasterCard commercial.

    A Bible from Watchtower ... Twenty bucks

    A monthly payment for Kingdom Hall $300

    An older man tellin elders to pound salt PRICELESS

  • MarkofCane

    Hi Brandnew

    Read your account on the money shake down. Crazy elders, they never seem to surprise me. Sounds like your Pops has had enough, use this time to distract him from this cult and build a stronger relationship with him, take him fishing or something. What do you guys do for fun in Puerto Rico? From what I know and seen, its a beautiful country.


  • biblexaminer

    I just thought I'd add that I have been telling my in laws for at least two years now, probably longer, that elders are going to 'come knocking for dollars'.

    Going back even longer, I told them that Watchtower would start offering direct deposits so WT could extract guaranteed monthly stipends. That eventually became the case.

    I told them that WT would set up on-line payment options. That too became the case.

    I've warned them that as the WT cash cow heads to the slaughterhouse, WT would become desperate.

    I've told them that I'm of the strict opinion that shepherding visits will be instituted for the purpose of extracting money. Elders will come and get the fuzzy stuff out of the way first as a matter of protocol, and then they would take out the WT forms for setting up monthly donations right from their bank account.

    Its all quite predictable.

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