Dont Give Them More Power Than They Deserve

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  • Divergent

    Perhaps you can use this as a reason to "be stumbled" & fade? If possible, that is...

  • LevelThePlayingField
    The elders were only looking for ways to get you into a judicial meeting. You spared yourself from that. Good job. Make sure you stay out of that too in the future.
  • Tenacious

    The more recognition and acknowledgement members give the elders the more they believe it. Therefore, my point of view is to do the complete opposite. The more prestigious the title the less I think of you. I treat the lowliest friends as if they were royalty.

    "Power wears out those who don't have it."

    ~ Giulio Andreotti (1919 - 2013)

  • WireRider

    Kudos. Where do they get their power from? They are humans. They have NO edict from God. Everyone has just as much religious authority as they do.

    A bit of confusion on my part - no one is allowed to have birthdays or special days or celebrations, because that would elevate one person above another. Don't they do that every day? They hate the Catholic Church for having a hierarchy that puts people above other people - don't they do the exact same thing? Who are "elders" or "GB" to sit in judgement of other humans? They have NEVER spoken to God - they have to authority to speak for God. If you ask me they pretty much F#@$T^$ED up any right to speak for God at least a dozen times claiming the end of the world on fixed dates. I hope they do get a chance to speak with God - he's pretty pissed at all of them and already has special seating picked out for them.

  • cha ching
    cha ching
    Their power is all in their head!
  • WireRider

    The org was started by Russell, who never passed the 7th grade, didn't want any body to go passed the 7th grade, and was NEVER a Minister - never Ordained by any Church - but insisted on being called Minister Russell. His wife divorced him and stated in Court (local newspapers available online) for locking himself in the bedroom of their orphaned 14yr old house girl overnights. (have your doubts - but she could not testify at the divorce trial because she was on a slow boat to Australia with a pocket full of cash) (and all these treads of WT/JW child sexual abuse - hmmm - who do you think started it? and condoned it? It started at the TOP.)

    Rutherford was never ever a "Judge" but high-jacked the Watchtower, stole over 150 million (modern equivalent) from humans to build a mansion and travel the world, wrote fan letters sucking up to Hitler, adopted brainwashing techniques from the Hitler Youth Programs (notably to turn in relatives) - and still insisted everyone call him "Judge".

    What could possibly go wrong with humans claiming to run the lives of other humans?

  • Khaleesi
    Great thread & you did the right thing. ... i was just thinking of how to respond myself to elders when they question you for not being at all the meetings & service? Any advice?
  • Dunedain

    I have been saying this for some time now. You guys are all 100 percent correct. If we/you dont feed into their BS, and play their "game", then they cannot do anything. These MEN, do NOT have ANY power. It is only in their heads.

    Think about it, were ANY Elders "elected", or chosen by the congregation? NOPE. Why, just because a few, puffed up with pride, judgemental, power hungry, delusional MEN, meet in a back room and say " you are an elder now", that gives them some kind of spiritual authority over us??? I dont think so!

    If any of these MEN continue,or try to "harrass" you, we should all say to them, "who are YOU, what authority do you have over me, I did NOT choose you to lord over me, someone else did that, and I DONT need to listen to you".

    If i could go back in time to 20 years ago, but as the 40 year old MAN i am today, i can assure you NONE of those men would BULLY, JUDGE, and say anything close to what they said to me, when i was a cult controlled 20 year old boy. They are NOT shepards, or care takers of the flock. They are self imposed bullys, looking to berate, and hound the flock. There is NO love in them, only a will to inflict their "power". BUT, they have NO power. They are NOTHING, and especially if we do not feed into their own, self created "hierarchy". None of us put them in their position, so therefore, none of us should be affected by their position.

    As Gandalf would say, "YOU HAVE NO POWER HERE", lol.

  • Khaleesi

    Dunedain: I, the first of my name & Mother of Dragons declares to thee: RIGHTLY SAID!!

  • antes8080
    @Tech49 you are so correct the best thing to do is not play there game. They use to get under my skin, I stop caring and has worked much better. They get so mad when you don't call them back or answer there text.

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