2016 Regional Convention - Sunday Morning synopsis

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    Here are the morning program highlights. Will update for the afternoon once it's all over.

    Avoid what erodes loyalty: Pride - Bro. Cano (elder) reflects on reasons for why he got upset for receiving counsel on how to give a talk. Loyalty to Jehovah implies having to change one's attitude and striving to be humble. (Video) We should be also be humble and do work we might look down upon, like cleaning the Kingdom Hall bathrooms. (Because everyone knows elders do this as frequently as they do shepherding)

    Avoid what erodes loyalty: Improper entertainment - Avoid violent video games & movies, immoral films including pornography. Video = JW (Javier) started watching/viewing immoral content through his smartphone, rationalizing that it wasn't technically pornography. Later realized he was fooling himself and stopped.

    Avoid what erodes loyalty: Bad associations - We don't want to shun brothers who are not DF'd. But we do want to limit our association with those who only want to criticize the brothers, talk about materialistic things. In essence, stay away from anyone who is a danger to your spirituality. Video = JW sister reflects on realizing when her coffee breaks with her co-workers with "bad attitudes" and inappropriate conversations were affecting her and her relationship with her family. (This video, and the one before it, were preludes to the bunker video. Towards the end of this video, they pan out (with ominous music) and make it evident that these conversations were taking place in the bunker during the great tribulation. At the end, they even include a special knock on the door to identify that other JW's are the ones knocking to get in. They report that another person, Kevin (possibly JW or study), refused to go with them and that they were "on their own".)

    Avoid what erodes loyalty: Fear of man - Video = Bunker brothers reflect back on Kevin's reasons/motives, for not wanting to come with them. They make Kevin out to be a "spiritually weak" brother who was afraid to preach to others. They reason he never overcame his "fear of man". Video ends with another JW coming to the bunker reporting that things are getting worse outside, with the authorities starting to visit houses to "register" them.

    Pursue what builds loyalty: Appreciation - "The fact that so much good is done with imperfect men is a reason to appreciate and worship Jehovah." Video - Bunker brothers reflect on brothers who always criticized what the organization did and didn't do. They eventually left the meetings because they didn't fully appreciate what the org was doing. They didn't stay "loyal" to the org. (Video is another attempt to vilify anyone who doesn't say only good things about the org)

    Pursue what builds loyalty: Self control - Video = Bunker brothers, specifically the daughter of one of the families, reflects on earlier times when she had difficulties with her thoughts that kept her down mentally and emotionally. Remembers that one of the other bunker brothers (Karen) helped her overcome her negative thoughts. Loyalty to Jehovah entails getting control of our negative thoughts. At the end of the video, more JW's arrive at the bunker.

    Pursue what builds loyalty: Love - "Being loyal to family is being loyal to Jehovah." (Talk about double-speak when it comes to DF'd relatives). Video - This is where they show the leaked bunker video where they stress the importance of simplifying.

    Pursue what builds loyalty: Faith - Video = Bunker brothers again. Great tribulation getting worse. You can hear people outside looking specifically for JW's. Bunker brothers taking comfort in scriptures. Patting themselves on the back for having listened and staying loyal. Reflecting on all the different ways they stayed loyal (what they showed in the previous videos). Authorities finally break into their bunker in the end and close in on them as they gather together and stand firm, ready for whatever awaits them.

    Public discourse & WT Review - (Zoned out for these talks. Took a mental break due to the over abundance of indoctrination in the morning already.)

    Attendance for Sunday AM: 15902

    Stay tuned for the afternoon highlights later...

  • Slidin Fast
    Slidin Fast
    This is guilt and fear, the wonders of modern brain-washing. It sounds like an episode of the Walking Dead, Lovely!
  • carla
    Oh great, sounds like my jw will be extra dubby after this one, blah. Their favorite topic being the end is here! how I hate this evil org. 3 days of this drivel? or will it move on more cheery things? Step right up in an orderly fashion for a nice refreshing glass of kool-aid.
  • Lieu
    Why is anyone, let alone the authorities, looking for JWs???
  • Lieu
    Now I want to know if elders have lists of "tribulation" bunker locations ... and is this where all the monies have been going????
  • Brokeback Watchtower
    Brokeback Watchtower
    We need to get recordings of these and put them on youtube. These guys are going insane that write this stuff. The GB definitely lost it and seem to be experiencing a loss of loyalty among the rank and file and are in deep financial trouble. They seem to have lost their brakes when it comes to the type of bull shit they will stoop to keep the corporation from going under.
  • sparky1

    Just say "NO" to Kool-Aid!

  • cantleave
    Scaremongering cult!

    How drunk,stupid and indoctrinated would you have to be,to write that Crap?..


    .........................After 9 Beer..

    ..........The WBT$ Writing Department..

    Completes Another WBT$/JW Assembly Talk..

    ......Image result for drunk at computer

  • millie210

    15,000 people in attendance. I would love to know how many actually believe all of  that in their heart of hearts and how many are just going along.

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