2016 Regional Convention - Sunday Morning synopsis

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  • dubstepped
    So in the end, the bunker buddies have all managed to congregate themselves and pat themselves on the back while the authorities come in to get them. Brother bunkerless with the hairy palms from watching phone porn, or without depression and anxiety because he didn't force himself to preach, or whatever, is still out there and not necessarily abandoned by Jehovah, though inferred through the indoctrination. That bunker wasn't an ark. They apparently weren't protected at all. It was nothing more than a circle jerk of spiritual self-reflection. It accomplished nothing to flee to that bunker, according to the notes.
  • Lieu
    Well, it warms my heart that family members will find solace in a JW hideout where they can toot their own horns before the authorities show up to arrest them for littering due to leaving carts unattended on public streets in a time of mayhem.
  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Billy the Ex-Bethelite

    You can hear people outside looking specifically for JW's. Bunker brothers taking comfort in scriptures. Patting themselves on the back for having listened and staying loyal. Reflecting on all the different ways they stayed loyal (what they showed in the previous videos). Authorities finally break into their bunker in the end and close in on them as they gather together and stand firm, ready for whatever awaits them.

    That whole scenario is so 1970s. Now the "authorities" wouldn't have to be "outside looking" for JWs, they could easily track them down through the JW.borg Internetwork. And they wouldn't "break into their bunker", they could blow them all away with drones.

  • prologos
    bunkers? bunk, bonkers
  • zeb

    1.Ensuring that any conversation among the jw remains superficial.

    2. and bunkers thing; putting terror into children.

    3. So what has happened in the mean time to the NY palace and the gb?

    This sort of thinking reminds me of a disgraced former elder who would go on about what the government (!) was planning to do to/with "us".  I heard him comment that the heads of various churches had a dinner with various notables including the Prime Minister and they were seen laughing as they left. "This meant they were laughing at what they had planned for us.." and he was serious! He was also a fanatic!

    This terror talk must have been wide spread as the wt about this time put out an advice to stop it. 

  • Anders Andersen
    Anders Andersen


    A whOle morning of fear mongering. All the kids will be scared like hell. There's only two ways for parents to react to that:

    • Don't worry honey, it's all bull crap
    • Don't worry honey, Jehovah will protect us.

    Stuff like this will create another generation of anxious, stressed, fearfully dubs :-(

  • Finkelstein

    How to show your loyalty to the JW organization by lying and deceiving , we've been doing it for decades so you can too.

    How do you think we got you here and influenced you to give us your money ?

    This is what Jah expects of you if you are to appease him, keep in mind judgment day is soon upon us

  • purrpurr
    Seriously there's a bunker video???!!!! Insane but sadly I know several die hard jw's who will just lap that up!
  • Witness My Fury
    Witness My Fury

    Let's review: It's a cult!

    Anyone know when the Cardiff enema is due to be given, I'd like to know how many weeks i have to possibly say something about it before family members get this brainwashing ass washing session?

  • Ghiagirl

    It is truly scary to see how these people become brainwashed! And I was once brainwashed. I have been out 2 years now, so about 3 years ago I remember sitting at the last convention I attended, teary eyed at some video they showed. How sick, how heart breaking. The only reason I have room in my heart to be ok with those who choose Jehovah's Witnesses is because I was once blind. As much as I hope to see anyone and everyone open there eyes I can't judge, and I can't expect them

    to see just because I did. Who knows, if my situation hadn't been so effed up, I may have never woken up. What a bittersweet situation I had. So thankful.

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