Ex-Bethelite Testifies About Spying In Watchtower World Headquarters

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  • minimus

    I was reading this thread from a few years ago.

    Still don't know any real spies but as was mentioned there are informants in the Hall. The whole system is designed to make you "report" a person if they might be doing something wrong so as to catch them before they get burnt in the fire!

  • freetosee

    Local elders training an elder from bethel how to do spying does not sound right to me. It would be the other way around.
    But jws do spy on each other, as they keep the congregation clean . After the new the elder handbook "pay attention" came out, I remember, that if a member is suspected of fornication, but didnt admit to the elders, having two servants or brothers in good standing witness the person go to the home of the opposite sex at night or for many hours, this was sufficient to d'f the suspected wrongdoer.
    I was invited to spy on a brother critical about the society. The other servant and me were to follow the brother by car and sit, wait and watch where his go at night. His wife believed he had another woman...

  • JWdaughter

    I don't know about an organized effort from HQ, but there was recently a case in Greece where a group was given illegal surveillance and they were JWs and ex JWs meeting together and being spied on by some local super-brothers or something. I can find no further reference to it, so if anyone has a copy of the article. . .

    The entire 'proving adultery' thing-or finding people's secret sins is SO off. They can play police, but everyone sins in different ways-they can't spy on our thoughts or all of our deeds. They need to leave some things to conscience. If a man thinks, in good conscience that his former wife is sleeping with someone-why shouldn't there simply be a statement that to the best of his knowledge and according to his conscience, he is free to remarry? Why all the indignity?In the end, we all will supposedly face God, and all we have is our conscience-we can't be sure of anything else. A person staying all night in ones house isn't PROOF in any case. I have stayed all night in the home of platonic male friends. I bet many women have. We don't live in victorian england, and we don't have the vapours anymore either. What is wrong with treating adults like ADULTS?

    Most 'sin' is not something they are gonna find out from spying, unless they are james bond-the ugliest things about most are inside-I don't expose my hateful thoughts to the world-and I am gonna repent them or NOT without a Judicial committee.

    Sorry, just my random thoughts on the subject.

    Whether or not they 'train' spies, they obviously practice self-righteous nosiness to a frightening degree. People here HAVE been outed because they revealed too much, haven't they? Someone is paying attention.

  • VM44

    Secret Agent Man!

    They've given me a number, but taken away my name!

  • stillajwexelder

    another worthwhile bump - always be careful

  • wednesday

    I can recall from the 50- 80's especially , they did. There are too many of us who remember this , or had it happen to themselves for it to be denied.

  • milliemootoo

    I am lucky they can spy on me all they want I really do not care about them or their Cult. I am Free, finally!!!! Just wish my family could be....

    Anyway I am Michele Woods and note to the elders your BS can't hurt me anymore!!!!!

    Wow feels good.........

  • Scott77

    "Secret Agent Man! They've given me a number, but taken away my name!"


    Please, what do you mean by that?
  • Scott77

    "I was invited to spy on a brother critical about the society. The other servant and me were to follow the brother by car and sit, wait and watch where his go at night. His wife believed he had another woman.." freetosee
    Wow, exactly with me. I was so lucky to find out about them spying about me but they not knowing that I was aware about that. Well, they would follow me all days and nights. I think they were counting hours as field service. It was so well organised plan with a ring leader. I was so lucky to get this ring leader's car number plates as a 'trophy' :) This site is so great. Its so amazing that people regardless of their former station in life are freely sharing their experiences. wow, great really.
  • unclebruce

    Early on someone mentioned Elders not having the time to spy with all the meeting prep etc.. Well, a lot of them are retired from work and have all the time in the world for such stuff. In fact, being into power, and meeting prep taking little more than an hour/week for those trained in the art, it's about all they have time for. I've seen quite a few Elders actively involved in spying on members of their congregations, often using their children or sycophant Ministerial Servants and the like to do the footwork and report back.

    In Sydney, a friend of mine chased one such creep and threatened to give him a thumping if he didn't stop surveiling his house (a bit like the scene in Burn After Reading). lol.

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