Ex-Bethelite Testifies About Spying In Watchtower World Headquarters

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  • Scully

    Just a word of caution to everyone:

    There are some people who frequent this board who put sensational stories up with the intent of drawing out other accounts that are similar in nature. They then compile these stories and distribute them in newsletter format.

    If you do not wish for your information to be re-broadcast in this manner, please do not respond to individuals who have developed this pattern of behaviour.

    Love, Scully

  • caspian

    Thanx for the warning Scully,

    What types of newsletters are you referring to?


  • unique1

    I never knew of any elders doing this kind of thing. My dad never participated in such things. Elders don't have the time to spy with all of the talks and service arrangements and the like. Maybe in halls with plenty of elders, but we have always had a shortage.

  • blondie

    Of course, I didn't want to say that this is a widespread conspiracy but it is a way of thinking that persists with some elders and some bodies without any written directives from the WTS.

    But I will add that my husband was told to check people's videos, CDs, etc., for any offending material when he made a "shepherding visit."

    The WTS doesn't need to set up a formal training program, many elders do it independently of the WTS. So if you are an active JW, lock up for videotapes, CDS, games, etc., at all times. Password lock your computer.


  • Scully


    Please check your Private Messages.

    Love, Scully

  • caspian

    I will Scully



  • mouthy

    I have a fellow in our support group not Df or DA is seperated from his JW wife- Knew his wife was having an affair with another JW. So he & an Elder of her congregation sat outside her house from 7.p.m. when the lover entered her house till 6.a.m in the morning when he exited.They got the goods on her. Personally I think this kind of thing is disgusting...I believe we dont need spys -if a person wants to do wrong- let them They all stand before a throne in the end.I was at Paul Blizzards testimony he reevealed much more than that. He is terrific.

  • JesusFreak88

    I was being exposed to and trained in some of the undercover work of the local elders. It was exciting slinking around in the darkness, spying on members of the congregation who were suspected of wrongdoing.

    I would not trust the watch tower at all if I was a jw and saw that they were spying on us!

  • Kenneson

    If there are no spies, there certainly are informants. How would the W.T. know about the letters mentioned in the following thread, unless someone brought it to her attention? And they're not supposed to frequent apostate sites. Right!


  • stillajwexelder

    It is why I do not reveal too much about myself on this board. I may be paranoid but I am convinced there is someone (a total organization man) who has the assignment of monitoring this board and in particular trying to root out people like myself -- that is a JW still in "good standing" that frequents this board and posts occasionally. I am convinced there is a spy network and I can tell you from experience there are certain elders who get kicks out of spying on people and then asking all sorts of intimate details on Judicial Committees.

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