Ex-Bethelite Testifies About Spying In Watchtower World Headquarters

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    Despite the quality of bible instruction and Christian service carried out by organizations like the Jehovah's Witnesses, the scriptures tell us to be on guard for false brothers who pervert the word of God and teach members that Community Stalking is accepted and even required behavior to keep the congregation 'clean'.

    Jehovah's Witnesses also use Community Stalking to coerce members into submission.

    Community Stalking is a form of covert terrorism that uses threats, harassment and espionage as tools to exercise Psychological Warfare against an individual. The strengths and vulnerabilities of the target are analyzed so the perpetrators know how to hit them the hardest.

    Many are driven to suicide. Those who do not commit suicide often end up with a nervous breakdown or mental illness eg. anything from depression to schizophrenia.

    Because Jehovah's Witnesses actually provide excellent bible instruction, most would never imagine that once one becomes a baptized member you are spied on or asked to spy on other members of the congregation. Some Elders try to take possession of a person and control every apect of their life.

    And they humiliate individuals who speak out about the psychological abuse. They label them as Homosexuals or Alcoholics etc and attempt to shame them into submission or drive them out of the congregation.

    Does the Watchtower Society know what is going on? Probably. Will they do something about it? Probably not unless the victims can prove the psychological harassement, spying and threats....

    More information about Community Stalking and its techniques is available on Stalker-Beware.com


    God Bless all those in favour of congregations that are free of Harassment, Ecpionage and Psycholgical Abuse!


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    Band on the Run


    here is a fine line between private investigating, observing, and criminal activity.

    The police should be called immediately if someone is following you --against your will. Wanted attention from members of opposiste sex does not count.

    Part of me can't believe this conduct is ok with Bethel legal dept. Some local people make themselves into super heroes.

    Bethel membership does convey a certain elite status. Thinking about it, though, Bethel is now so large there must be little contact with notables. I also think that witnessing to people in the community is more important than making books and magazines. After writing the last sentence, I realize what an enterprise the WTBTS is. I wonder what priests assigned to the Vatican do.

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    FACT: They (elders) do not go spying on people, this is a load of Rubbish.

    More than likely written by a Non JW or someone whom wants to make a noise.

    Gave me a good laugh though....

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    the elders do spy on folks and do stake outs etc. If they do that to you, call the police. legal will not back them up. They are always surprised to realize this, but legal won't back them up if they break the law. A lot of jws would not call the police on each other, but that will put a stop to this behavior. Stalking is illegal and you should just call the police. That might give them pause in playing Dick Tracy.

    and BTW, you do not need a picture of them doing the stake out, but that is nice. if you become aware they are spying on you, call the police. If they call you into Jc and present you with evidence they gained from spying on you, call the police. They do not have a license to be Dick Tracy. the police will take this very seriously.

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    I know an elder who never does any physical excercise all year (except during Field Circus, which shouldn't count since everyone is now walking at a "pioneer's pace"). During Christmas week, however, he goes for these long walks with his wife in different nearby neighborhoods making sure to walk near all the "inactive" JW's homes...

    I later found out that he does this every year to see if any inactive JWs have put up Christmas decorations or if their kids are playing with new toys outside, etc.. This elder doesn't see anything wrong with doing this as he believes he's doing his part in keeping the congregation clean... really strange character...

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    From my personal experience, elders do spy, and do stakeouts and drive bys. They also encourage members of the congregation to do so when it suits them.


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