Ex-Bethelite Testifies About Spying In Watchtower World Headquarters

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  • fleet#44

    By Paul Blizard. Click for more at http://www.geocities.com/paulblizard/test.html It's not only going on but been expanded. Paul Blizard writes

    "I married a good Jehovah's Witness girl, and we set out together trying to please God the best way we knew how. That is, we were good Jehovah's Witnesses and followed all the rules and laws. My wife had been a missionary for eight years. She had been sent to different parts of the United States in her work, under the direction of the Watchtower Society.

    As I gained status in the congregation, I was being exposed to and trained in some of the undercover work of the local elders. It was exciting slinking around in the darkness, spying on members of the congregation who were suspected of wrongdoing. I also was given access to the congregation files, which revealed the inside information of all in the congregation. I was being used in the same kind of covert operations I had seen control the workers at headquarters."

  • fleet#44

    Paul also refers to Zone Overseer William Schnell's book which revealed spying in the 1920s. Ray Franz's books talk of elders spying with binoculars and Bethelites in Greece camcord spying on exJWs who celebrated the Memorial at a private home. Scattered among other books and websites are additional references to Watchtower spying. I have received correspondence via email confirming it continues, has accelerated, is common and is widespread to pervasive.

  • cat1759

    Wow I thought all witnesses were honest and upright.

    Close your shades at night, never know who is watching you change your clothes.


  • minimus

    spies again???.....same old stuff. Anyone that had access to the congregation files were probably spies to those that believe this you know what. Anyone that "spies" on people and thinks it's exciting is strange. "Undercover work"-----"trained" by the elders......Most elders that I know don't even know how to use a tape-recorder. I'll bet they wore funny big glasses and mirrored shoes too.

  • shamus

    I was thinking the same thing, Minimus. I never EVER heard of anyone going "undercover" to check things out. Sounds very silly to me.

  • caspian

    I am sorry but this sounds like a load of bo****ks to me

    James Bond eat your heart out.


  • Scully

    They even use these:

  • blondie

    I do remember a brother whose inactive JW wife had divorced him but not on scriptural grounds. He and an elder staked out her house and took a videocam and filmed her with her boyfriend at the house after 2 a.m. Based on that, she was DF'd and he was able to remarry the sister he already had in the wings.

    I know of other elder duos who have staked out people's homes to catch them in wrongdoing as above, such as smoking.

    There are some nasty ones out their guys. It is hard to imagine it if you would never do it. They would never tell the "good" elders and would make sure these "good" elders aren't on the judicial committee.

    Some elders do think they are "spiritual policemen."


    8/1 p. 474
    All the elders should appreciate their position in relation to the other brothers and sisters in the congregation. They are not spiritual bosses or spiritual policemen. They do not have to pry into the lives of other members of the congregation or concern themselves with the personal problems of every brother and sister.


    9/15 p. 563
    Yet Jesus said that no one was good except God. (Mark 10:18) So he was not "righteous overmuch" so that he found fault or looked for faults in his disciples, as a ‘spiritual policeman.’ (Eccl. 7:16) Neither did he burden or discourage them, in a Pharisaical manner, making their consciences feel bad by demanding perfection of them.
  • minimus

    I also knew of how if the "servants" KNEW (in their minds) that someone was committing wrongdoing, that they would "always get their man", by hook or by crook. It is not typical for elders to learn the trade of spying. There are no courses that I'm aware of that teaches elders how to spy. When an elder becomes appointed he is not given his spy glasses, binoculars, and a book on how to spy for the organization. This organization sucks and I'll be the first to admit it but to suggest that there's a World Headquarters conspiracy to spy is just plain silly. It's not even what you could call sensationalism.

  • caspian

    Minimus is right


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