Ex-Bethelite Testifies About Spying In Watchtower World Headquarters

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  • Scott77

    At one time, I chased a car of a spying JW Elders and Ministrial servants at night a few minutes before midnight. The car excessively overspeeded in a splint second, too fast and I could not get its number plates. tThe driver could have an accident. Sigh. Well, you know what? the Service Department in New York was strongly warned of law enforcement action and of course, they denied it. That was so disgusting.The WTSB is a master of coverup and overt actions. Otherwise, how do they catch people and disfellowship them over the years?


  • Violia

    I do not know if they do this very much anymore, ( probably just more covertly) but back as far as the 80's they sure did. It comes under their right to know and their judgment that you do not have the right to know. It is all information control tatics. Old news

  • wha happened?
    wha happened?

    a MS I knew was told to spy on a sister who may be having her daughter over, (who was df"d at 14) over to her house. The spying eventually sent the sister to suicide. Good Going WP, u killed another sheep. (WP is an acronym for the cong.)

  • freydo

    BLONDE: "I do remember a brother whose inactive JW wife had divorced him but not on scriptural grounds. He and an elder staked out her house and took a videocam and filmed her with her boyfriend at the house after 2 a.m. Based on that, she was DF'd and he was able to remarry the sister he already had in the wings."

    Sounds verrrry familiar

  • designs

    Part of our brilliant training as Elders in the 80's involved checking up on people, and among other things timing how long a person spent in a motel room with somone not their mate...overnight and you didn't need a full confession.

  • Room 215
    Room 215

    Frankly, I don't know why this surprises anyone; spying and tattling go hand-in-glove with any authoritarian regime

  • LongHairGal

    JW daughter,

    I agree with you that it is absolutely ridiculous for somebody to have to 'prove' that their spouse committed adultery and only then can they be scripturally 'free' to remarry. Many years ago there was a woman in a neighboring congregation who tried having her husband followed in order to 'catch' him so that she could be free. From what I heard, her husband was too smart to be caught. I do not know if she thought of this herself or if she was put up to it.

    This is all rather silly and undignified and it makes the brothers look like peeping toms.

  • Simon Morley
    Simon Morley

    Their tactics cannot be that good. Afterall, the KGB infiltrated the Cong's in Russia during the USSR era and were right under their noses - even became CO's according to a WT article a few years back. You can guarantee that Vladimir Putin has retooled that technique. I recall drive bys and walk bys by certain elders and CO's - now that I look back - what a joke.

  • Scott77

    Interesting rejoinders. Its sad that one commited sucide because of illegal surveilance on her private life. That is shame and blatant intrusion onto one's private live without of course, one's express permission. By the way, I had like to hear from you guys, former elders who were at it deeply to share with us all those stuff. Please, comes on. Its is a learning experiences to help all of us stand firm to the end.


  • Scott77


    I believe this thread is good for you to read. Very relevant to your life experiences. Please, anyone reading it, help or remind Palmtree67 to give attention to it.


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