schizophrenia .......sound like anybody you know?

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  • cat1759

    Vivamus my elevator doesn't go to the 7th floor. It got stuck in between floors.

    Let me out of hell.

    Estee sorry for the loss.

    Sometimes it is nice to laugh at ourselves. The truth does hurt.


  • cat1759

    Gumby I used pot once and I had just turned 40. I think it did major harm. It certainly made me puke.

    I couldnt move off the floor, of course the boys got pictures, bless their devilish hearts.


  • Robdar


    Thanks for the quote that connects pot smoking to schizophrenia. I have always suspected that smoking in large quantities or for many years can cause mental health problems.

    My girlfriend has been smoking since she was 12 and was recently diagnosed with schizophrenia. She is still a pot smoker and a drinker. She takes her medicine but sometimes still has problems. Those problems (voices, paranoia) usually occur when she has been imbibing or smoking.

    I won't even begin to tell you my x's problems. He has been getting high since he was 10 or 11. He can't remember his exact age when he started getting high on a daily basis.

    Pot smokers laugh when you tell them that there could be problems from their smoking weed. It is a grand delusion for pot smokers to think that no health related problems will occur unless they also smoke cigarettes.



    Come to think of brother Tim did take up smoking pot....

    And right around that time...his brain did that....errrr.....left turn....


  • gumby


    I can't say as I go along with the study I posted. I posted it more as a joke.

    I know countless pot smokers and have never known one who had mental problems as a result. Smoking weed has quite a history behind it. In the early 1900 it was a #1 medicine for countless of ailments and was required by the government to be grown by many farmers. It wasn't until much later it became a drug with a bad reputation with lots of bad publicity.

    I am not encouraging it's use......but I do not see the harm in it the way it is presented by many.


  • wednesday

    I worked for yrs in Psych ER, and on a ward. Once we had jesus christ at one end in seclusion and Satan the Devil at the other end in seclusion. They yelled back and forth at each other. I swear-u can't make this shi*te up.


    Estee, so sorry but at least it seeems he has a place to live. Here in states, people as your bro usually end up on the streets, b/c the family can only stand so much.

    think about it, what if Charles taze Russel was just a schizophrenic? He may have heard voices, he did think God gave him special direction etc.

  • seven006


    I know who you are talking about and I'm in agreement. You also bring up an interesting thought. What if the person that 30% of earths population call Jesus was a schizophrenic? The same question goes for Buddha and Krishna. They all did very weird things that have been recorded after their deaths by their followers as miracles. They all claimed to talk to god and were the sons of god.

    Imagine the majority of earths population believing their saviors were people who were as crazy as puppy on acid. They all said they saw the devil and spoke with him as he tried to temp them into going against god. They all went on prolonged fasts starving themselves until they saw visions. They all did many things that people today would mark as acts of a crazy person.

    One that really sticks in my mind is when Jesus walked up to a fig tree and got pissed off because it was out of season and had no fruit. He cursed the tree and it never grew fruit again. That doesn't sound like something a perfect human would do but more like something a crazy person would do. I also recall him having a conversation with a donkey.

    Since the science of psychotherapy did not exist back in those days, people looked at those who did things like this as special instead of crazy.

    Take the things Jesus supposedly said and have those things said in front of a psychiatrist instead of a crowed of the meek, (gullible) humble, (scared shitless) and teachable (dumb as a rock) and you will get a completely different outcome.

    Imagine the possibility that a third of the worlds population is following the lead of a total nut ball who would have been institutionalized if he walked the streets of a modern city today. Teach him a few illusions that a modern magician of today can easily do and you end up with an imaginary savior of the world. Given the mass illiteracy of the people during the time of Christ's supposedly existence and you have what we ended up with today.

    It's a little freaky if you think about it. Just like the hundreds of millions of kids in America thinking that Christopher Columbus discovered America. He didn't, he discovered the West Indies and never step foot on American soil. But, as they say in the newspaper business, when the myth is dispelled by fact, print the myth.


  • Elsewhere

    Oh, I'm not crazy... they voices told me so.

  • lisaBObeesa

    My aunt is schizophrenic, and early use of pot is a factor in her case. (As was childhood trauma, and, they say, genes.)

    The doctors told us that pot may be a trigger, rather than a direct cause. Something has to trigger schizophrenia in a person who has/could have it.

    This always made me wonder: Perhaps some people 'have it', but never develope symptoms because there was no trigger..nothing to give them the push into the illness. I wonder if that is true?

    Seeing the move "A Beautiful Mind" made me wonder even more about this illness. What an amazing story.

    What a nightmare of an illness.

  • Mr. Kim
    Mr. Kim

    There is nothing wrong with a little schizophrenia. It keeps people thinking and hearing the right things.............. Huh?-- what did you say?

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