schizophrenia .......sound like anybody you know?

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    Shell, Now you got me peeved.

    Oy! Can't have THAT. My sincerest apologies, DBearMan. "Peeving" you was not my intention. Getting you to "see" a bit more... ummmm... "clearly"... was all I intended.

    SJ: said ****It is the issue of how we SAY we want to be treated such and so... but how we treat others totally denies that. It is the issue of how we SAY we are "good" and "loving" people... but our hearts prove otherwise. For it is not what [a man] does or does not do, but what comes OUT of [a man]... that defiles him. If the shoe fits...****

    DBear Responded: We are so far apart on this one Shell it's not even funny. After years of respectful, back and forth with you on how irritating your message, visions, voices, and pronouncements are....

    Danny... hon... please... stop... reading... my... threads. If... I... have... started... it... you... most... probably... know... where... it's... going. And... you... most... probably... ain't... gonna... like... it. have the gaul (sic)l to lay the blame on those who spoke honestly,


    those like myself,

    I must warn you...

    who see more harm coming to you,

    you are being...

    by coddeling your delusions, than being point blank about it. Give me a break.

    Hypocritical. How? I... spoke honestly... I, myself... and offered peace to you... by means of what I saw and heard... and was POINT BLANK about it. Who should give who the break, dear DBear?

    Sure let Larry, aka Bibleman, Jesus, JCannon, whatever his current persona is, pat you on the back (lovingly?)

    No way! Larry?! Pat ME on the back?! You've got to be kidding! When?! Where?! I'll vouch that it didn't happen. Show me.

    agree that all your fantasies are from God himself

    I don't need Larry's "stamp" of approval on what I share, DannyMan... and considering the conversations he and I used to have, I can't imagine him giving it. He claims to be my Lord. He is not. He and I aren't even in the same book, let alone on the same page.

    That should make you confident of his pure intentions, his love for ya huh? Yeah right.

    I'm a-thinkin' that I'm not really Larry's type, Danny, in ANY way whatsover... spiritually speaking, of course. I don't subscribe to what he has to say, nor he to me. Where is this coming from?

    If you can't see the obvious love Dave expressed by pouring out his thoughts and feelings, his reactions to your religious ranting, your constant condemnation of those 'earthling men'........

    Wait a minute!! Where in the WORLD did you get that I can't "see" Dave's love? Dave is one of THE most loving folks on this Board. He even showed love for my brother Robert (Bryant) for showing it toward Jannie's sister, Sharon. He WENT there, when most others here wouldn't. What are you speaking of, Dan?

    (.damn show me, prove to me there is anything other than 'earthling man' around these parts)

    There is NOTHING else besides earthling man... around THESE parts. The "parts" I often refer to have NOTHING to DO with THESE parts. Wait! I'm getting the impression that you ain't been paying attention, Danny. Is that true? If so, how can you even comment?

    that refuse to accept your devinely inspired utterances, then we truly do have nothing more to talk about or exchange.

    Danny... please hear me. For I am going to speak a truth to you, now: If you wish to continue our friendship as it has been, you being you and me being me... and you believing what you do and saying what you believe... and me believing what I do and saying what I believe... so be it. Friends... and you servant... to time indefinite. However, IF you wish to find some fault so that you will let it override that potential friendship... then so be that as well; the choice is yours. I... have absolutely NOTHING... against you. I don't care if you believe that pink elephants fly. So long as you show love toward me... and continue to let me show it toward YOU... that's how it will be. The choice... is yours. Entirely.

    Iam tired of it. So are other's obviously.

    I am sorry that you are, and that your... ummmm... weariness... had led you to contemplating making such a... final... choice. It will not be mine.

    Even Dave's Gilligan Island post should indicate to you, he as I, cannot say anything more.

    Dave's post indicates to me where DAVE is coming from. I can only guess where you are by what YOU post. Dave's... a sweetheart. And are you... I don't care HOW loud you growl. Growling? No big deal. Wanna rip my heart out with your bearclaws? Sorry, but I can't let 'cha.

    Better to just accept the fact you cannot recognize real love, real affection.....

    Perhaps, DBearMan. You're entitled to your opinion. this 'earthling man' is gonna bow out, just like Dave said 'you must be right',

    I am not "right", Dan. I just shared what occurred. The One who gave it to me is right. I am his servant, as I am yours.

    the rest of us are just doomed to hell.

    There is no hell, Danny, and you've never heard me say there is. But then again, I am wondering whether you've truly heard ANYTHING I've said... or just what you wanted to hear. Ah, well... the greatest of peace to you anyway... BearRugMan... Your servant and a slave of Christ, SJ P.S. Davie... cut it out, will 'ya? I mean, I might start blushin' or sumthin'. And, lemme tell you: it aint that pretty.

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    Thank you for your kind words, dear SheilaM, and if your Granny is still alive, my love and peace to her, as well!

    Just so's you know, I got two kids, grown, age 21 and almost 26. They're... "normal". Regular comedians ("Sure, Mom. Just don't break out no Kool-Aid. If you serve Kool-Aid, we're out!)

    Seriously, they trust me because, like your dear Granny, I have never lied to them. I even sat them down and confessed my error in taking them to the WTBTS - I blew it. Know what they said? "Yeah, Mom, but at least you TRIED to live it the way they said."

    As for my carpet, the only thing wrong with it is that it needs good cleaning (I keep rescheduling 'cause they can't give a small window than "Oh, they'll come sometime between 8am and 5pm". Sorry, that's way too much time to give 'em).

    My sheetrock's fine... plain 'ol white, with a bit of a chip here and there (vacuum "nicks" and such).

    My drapes... oh, wait... I don't have drapes... okay, my vertical blinds do sometimes seem as if they have a life of their own: no matter how much I straighten the little rug under in front of the sliding door, it just seems to wiggle itself up against them, making them "refuse" to open. But I just kick it back into place and voila! they open right up!

    No flying kitchen gadgets... no creaking stairs (actually, no stairs). Got a couple of figurines that I might not've had in the Borg, but since I know that SPIRITS CANNOT INHABIT INANIMATE OBJECTS... and I have no donkeys or swine or fig trees... I guess you all are pretty safe.

    Peace to you... and if anyone tells you they saw a Smurf doll walking, talking, running or dancing... tell them they are LYING to you!

    Your servant and a slave of Christ,


  • seven006

    <<<P.S. Davie... cut it out, will 'ya? I mean, I might start blushin' or sumthin'. And, lemme tell you: it aint that pretty.>>>

    Stop it Shelby, I'll bet you look real hot when you're are all red.

    <<<Dave's post indicates to me where DAVE is coming from. >>>

    Now that hurt damn it. I am not shallow, I'm just depth challenged. I just play a shallow guy on the board so I can pick up intelligent women who think they can change me. I have absolute and complete respect for your brains as well as other mushy organs you posses.

    Do you really think I'm that shallow? Or just a little on the clever side? I'll put up my IQ level up against yours any day. Mix a little lime Jell-O into it and I think we could both eventually see where we are coming from.

    I wish you were a mean nasty old Jesus person instead of such a sweetheart. It takes all of the fun out of it.

    I do have a real question that is not a set up for a joke. What do you think of things like Ouija boards? Do you think people can really talk to spirits?

    Big hug woman.


    PS: Danny, stop picking on Shelby or I'll knock you on your fucking (If you see this word changed to "edit" that means Barney Fife is back from the coast today) ass. I saw her first ya horndog!

  • teejay

    >>>> When you are admitted to the psych hospital, the "questions"
    >>>> you are asked (to determine a quick pcyhotic DX) are hilarious
    >>>> - if you are NOT psychotic:

    >>>> Does God talk to you?

    >>>> Does God have a special plan for you?

    >>>> Do you think others are out to get you?

    >>>> Do you hear voices?

    >>>> Can you predict the future?

    I don't know if it was to be taken seriously or otherwise, but this was funny as all get-out to ME!

    Thanks beryl. :D

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    What do you think of things like Ouija boards?

    A Ouija board is an inanimate object that con artists used to "help" weak minded people be even further mislead. Like crystal balls, and bells, and... and... voodoo dolls... and... and... but such things are not used or occupied by spirits. Spirits do not use or occupy inanimate objects. That is a lie, created by Satan and perpetuated by the imagination of earthling man.

    Do you think people can really talk to spirits?

    Absolutely. We ARE spirits... to some degree. The only difference between spirit "beings" and us (okay, well, the primary difference)... is that we have a vessel, a body of flesh... that binds and confines us... that enslaves us... that they don't. By means of it, we are bound to sickness, aging, death.

    Tell me, if you were to lose your arms, your legs... your eyes... your ears... your sense of hearing... your sense of smell... your hair... would you still not be the same "Dave"... on the INSIDE? The your body... is only the vessel that "contains" you. You... "Dave". Yet, even with that body, you can only see so much, hear so much, feel so much, run so fast... you can't fly... you can't enter outer space or go deep under water without some aid. It has boundaries.

    Spirit beings, however, have no such [earthen] vessel, so they don't have the boundaries that such a vessel makes. However, they CAN be bound... in that they can be restricted from entering certain parts of the spirit realm. And they CAN enter humans, animals, etc. But it must be something that has life in it... that lives. A rock won't do (neither will the dresser drawer or the bed - think Exorcist).

    But at one time, I did not know all of this. I thought the stuff I saw on TV and at the movies COULD happen: weren't their folks who said it happened to them? But I have since learned the truth: spirits communicate with people regularly and people with them. Many times consciously; but most times not. Most people don't BELIEVE what they hear.

    For me, however, such communication is restricted. My ability was given me as a gift; therefore, I must use it according to the way the One who gifted me prescribed. If I use it differently, then it might be removed, or I won't have the protection that I have and thus would be open to ANY old spirit,. And well, judging by what people are said do when they say a "voice" told them to do it, I am not even interested. If I even thought I was to do something... unkind... harmful... unloving... mean... cruel... whathaveyou... I wouldn't listen. Yes, even at risk of losing it entirely. First, because I would know it was not my Lord. Second, if it was, then he would no longer BE my Lord, for I couldn't do his "will" if that is what it was.

    For some, it is a temptation to use it... irresponsibly. It brings glory to the self ("Hey, look what I can do!") and so many try to make money... and/or followers... by means of it. But if you sell your soul to the Devil, well, then, you can't be surprised when he calls in his "marker", can you?

    Thus, if a person is so weak-minded that a bad spirit can mislead them... sometimes to the point of great harm to self or others... they will be misled. And that is NOT to say that all who do good are led by good spirits, and all who do bad are led by bad spirits. Our own hearts play a part, sometimes.

    But regarding those who DO have the ability, they will believe and see whatever it is that spirit wants them to believe and see. Good... for some... by means of a good spirit. Bad... for some... by means of a bad spirit. For the bad, sometimes it's pretty tame stuff: religion, per se, the past, people whose flesh has died, events, etc. Sometimes, it is not so tame. People are heinously killed, even. For the good, it almost always has to do with the truth - about this realm and that one.

    Should we be afraid? If we are being led by a bad spirit, I would say, most certainly. Be VERY afraid and ask that it be removed. In fact, OPPOSE it, and it will leave you. But if is the spirit of God, there is no fear. For God is love... and love... casts fear... outside.

    I speak the truth to you, Dave. And no, I cannot "ask" questions for you or anyone else. Each one must approach for his or her self. I CAN deliver a message FROM that realm, but I can't inquire within it, at least, not the way you see "psychics" and other [medium] types doing. Mine primarily is a "one way" instrument: from there... to here.

    I bid you peace.

    Your servant and a slave of Christ,


  • seven006

    >>>> Does God talk to you?

    I don't know. If he did, according to what Shelby says I don't hear him. Maybe Craig's moderating powers go beyond what Simon had in mind.

    >>>> Does God have a special plan for you?

    Again, I don't know, we don't talk. If he has I can tell you he's either a real son of a bitch or he's out to get me.

    >>>> Do you think others are out to get you?


    >>>> Do you hear voices?

    Only when I answer the phone. Most of the time it's Craig (onacruse) telling me to read some bonehead thread on this board where some idiot is being a real smart ass.

    >>>> Can you predict the future?

    Yes, as soon as Craig reads this thread he's going to call me.


  • seven006


    I thought the Ouija board was just there as a vehicle with letters and words on it that is used to communicate between the spirit and the person in a way the person can see and understand. The spirit actually uses the person to manipulate either the pointer or pendulum, not the board itself.

    Isn't the board just like a piece of paper that instead of writing words on it, it already has the words and letters there for you? All actions by the spirit go through the person or persons holding the pointer device.

    I ask this because I have friends who have such boards and I was just interested on your perspective.

    I was over at a friends house when they were using a board and the spirit told them to have me go away.

    Damn,...Now I can add a spirit to the list of others out to get me!!


  • DannyBear


    **** Dave's... a sweetheart. And are you... I don't care HOW loud you growl. Growling? No big deal. Wanna rip my heart out with your bearclaws? Sorry, but I can't let 'cha.****

    I better attend the Gilligan's Island school along with Dave, because you twisted my intent around completely.

    "Peeved' dear Shelby, in Danny's Dictionary 31st edition, means less than 'pissed'. Get my point? If I was really pissed at you, then I would have truly growled at ya.

    How you interpreted that I wanted to end our online friendship.....well I really did blow it, then. Should have used a few hundred or so more words.

    Sometimes trying to say anything of import with this medium, is nigh impossible without a myriad of disclaimer's, qualifiers and imo's. Let me assure you, the only reason for my comment was to try and help you see, that the 'earthling men' who appeared to you as unloving, mean, and without affection, by their words.........may well by showing you more love, than those who defend your assertions. That was it, nada more, nada less.

    As for me, I have alway's seen the other side of Shelby.........a real caring lady. And alot of fun, when not preaching.

    So I guess when your preaching, I will take my leave..............No illwill at all was intended, fair lady.


    Ps Dave kiss me

  • gumby
    Ps Dave kiss me

    You keep your horny little arse away from Dave. Him and Fark are loyal lovers

  • DannyBear

    Well Gumman you obviously have not seen my ass.

    Dave looks to much like a wizened ole proffessor with a do guys like Dave get their goatee to grow all white?

    Now I have my share of grey hair, but it really pisses me off that some guys (Kenny Rodger's another) get to sport beards that match perfectly?

    I grew a beard once, and it was less than salt and pepper, it was tie-dyed.

    My point......I prefer the other gender, with no (dectectable) facial hair.


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