Does this make you feel good? Coz it makes me feel bad.....

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  • ScottyRex

    I just watched this clip on YouTube....I can't begin to say how it made me feel. Here it is....

    , I'm not sure who I am more annoyed about. The bloke doing the commentry, the punk shouting at a serious and should be respectful religious event, or some of the youtube comments that follow.

    And I find this so disrespectful. What are your thoughts on this?

  • Magnum

    Yeah, it's disrespectful to me, too (at about 1:10 in video). I think it's destructive - certainly not constructive.

    It reminds me of the story about the sun and the wind arguing about who's stronger. As they were arguing, they looked down and saw a man with an overcoat on. They agreed that whoever could make him take his coat off was the stronger.

    The wind went first. He huffed and puffed and flexed all his muscles and blew as hard as he could and hit the man head on with full force. However, the harder he blew, the more the man buttoned down and held onto his coat. Finally, the wind gave up.

    Then it was the sun's turn. He just gently smiled and brightened up ever so slowly. Gradually, the man began to unbutton his coat and you can figure out the rest.

    My point is that some who are ex-JWs or who want to expose JWs are like the wind; they throw hard at JWs and just cause them to buckle up their JW coats tighter and view such ones as uncouth, disrespectful apostates.

    I believe the sun's approach - a gradual, skillful, subtle one - is better.

  • ScottyRex

    so agree on your point Magnum- I posted a the same analogy on here years ago. Point I thought is that this jerk could be sitting infront of my mum or worse still my 90 year old nan.......I would have smacked him down (and then what would have happened!!)

    Un-necessary....what a Knob.

  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim

    I have to agree that such an outburst is counter-active. This is the kind of thing which strengthens the JWs resolve, makes them even more hard core. They just think that Satan has gotten this one and he is mentally-diseased.

    However, the more subtle approach would be the way to go. Quietly talking to JWs about their incorrect teachings and showing them diplomatically without shouting and such. You can tell when JWs are talked to in a more diplomatic and quiet demeanor they are more willing to listen. Not like this guy.

    Showing JWs the erroneous ways of the NWT in a polite, cordial way, they listen more!! Make them think more.

    Outbursts like these toughens the hardcore ones. They just shut him out. Most of them do.

  • paul from cleveland
    paul from cleveland
    If it made one person think it was worth it. He didn't hurt anyone. He used only words, not bullets. The Watchtower created this situation by not permitting any respectful avenue of dissent. They've destroyed so many families and lives why are you so worried about respecting their precious ceremony? This out-of-the-box approach might wake someone out of their mental stupor.
  • nicolaou

    What a dick. Another 'look at me' apostate just trying to big himself up. The argument that it might make one person think won't wash with me, he's probably clamped more minds even more firmly shut. He's doing the cult's job for it, acting like a dick just makes you a dick.

  • paul from cleveland
    paul from cleveland
    I have a hard time being objective about this.
  • azor
    I remember how I used to feel about people protesting outside conventions. I looked down on them. Now I feel sorry for them. What was done to them by this cult to make them act this way. These people need our kindness. They sure as hell won't get it any where else.
  • azor

    The last time Scotty Rex posted it was to criticize activists. It seems like that is all he/she posts about. I for one think it's the worst type of armchair cowardice quarterbacking.

    I'm almost certain Scott Rex is the type of person that came out criticizing Charlie Hebdo for their offensive cartoons after the slaughter that occurred there.

    Go back to your f*ing hole Scotty. Unless you have something valuable to offer other then slamming others for giving a Damm.

  • Witness 007
    Witness 007
    This action is great it will make people think a "drink to this generation.." Priceless!! How many Witnesses will be thinking about this or have doubts. Better then just bitching on a website. A toast to these guys for being brave.

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