Does this make you feel good? Coz it makes me feel bad.....

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  • _Morpheus
    Ok mommy? 😂😂😂 so you admit your being childish and need someone to repremand you. Telling someone to go to their hole because they dont agree with you is by definition childish. Lets have a rational discussion on issues.
  • cognac

    Azor- I went ahead and read some of your previous posts. My heart goes out to you. It truly does.

    Because of what you went through it seems like you are lashing out a bit. I don't blame you. We all go through phases of anger, sadness, etc as we are exiting.

    What you are going through I'm sure has to be so much worse then what the average JW goes through when exiting the cult. I'm truly sorry for what you have gone through.

    I still stand behind my comments and hope that you can use your anger in a more constructive way. Sometimes it just takes time.

    But, I still can't just not say anything when I believe a person is being bullied.

    Yes, I will say I'm a bit sensitive of a person. I might even be wrong in my opinion. But, I have to stand up for someone when I think they are being bullied. Please respect that.

  • pbrow

    lisarose... somethings work better than others. No doubt about that. By making a blanket statement that this "does not work" ignores that we really cant say for certain how each individual is affected by this man's actions. It is possible that one person in that hall already had doubts about 1914. Hearing someone else (even if not in the "proper" way) express doubts about that may help such a person.

    morpheus.. at the end of the day no one set back the reasoning on your family, they are choosing to keep taking the blue pill just like we all were at one point. I hope for yours and their sake they do decide to take the red pill one day. Neo could have chosen to take the blue pill. We all wake up when we are ready to wake up.


  • azor

    Cognac I have no beef with you. Thank you for your sympathy. Its not what I meant when I said to read his, that is Scotty Rexs previous posts.

    There are some people that come on here that I have no tolerance for. I can't stand people that criticize others that try and that give a damn. If this topic had been started by you or any of a number of other posters it would be different.

    I have always called a spade a spade. I will treat trolls as they rightfully deserve. Just the fact that someone is breathing does not mean they deserve respect. I don't deserve it. I work for it.

    I believe it is sometimes imperative that one speak directly, even harshly to drive the point home. That is not abusive. I've said if before and will say it again. People here or elsewhere can curse me out and tell me to go to hell or worse. I'm ok with that. I'll still argue the point if it is valid. Sometimes the sensitivity index on here is just ridiculous.

  • azor

    Morpheus I have no beef with you either. What I stated and anyone who reads it in context knows that this has to do with Cognac stepping in as though she were my mother.

    You can see it however you like. If I'm wrong I will readily apologize. I'm not wrong here so I will not back off. People here are often overly sensitive to critical comments toward themselves or directed toward others in a post. Regardless of who that poster is. Trolls deserve nothing but contempt and ridicule.

    Can everyone just get over themselves.

  • Simon
    Yes they have a right to practice their fairy tale beliefs. And anyone who likes has a right to ridicule them. Call a spade a spade.

    You have the right to ridicule them in your own space. They have a right to worship undisturbed in theirs. If you want to make it OK for someone to burst into their space and be disruptive then that also makes it OK for them to burst into your space and be disruptive.

    Personally, I'd rather they all just stayed in their box. Confrontation should be reserved for when people try to take over the public space.

    And criticism of beliefs and the freedom to voice it also extends to criticism of so called activism that we may not agree with. People are allowed to voice their disapproval of any actions that people are taking if they want to. It is the manifestation of a belief like any other and when it encroaches on other people's freedoms it should be called out.

    My personal opinion is that I can understand why someone feels they want to do something like this but I don't think it's effective and I don't think it should be encouraged because at some point someone will take things too far and some innocent person will get hurt. At the very least, the families, children and old people should have the right to attend their church without being harassed or upset by someone. If your beef is with the elders then go deal with them like a man.

    I posted more in depth thoughts about freedoms and boundaries that should go both ways here:

    Freedom, Free speech, Censorship, Religion and Tight Pants

  • Simon
    Oh, and azor: there are rules to abide by if you want to post on this site. Be civil or go elsewhere.
  • azor

    Most fundamentalists are in the public space therefore deserving of ridicule. I would not do what they did because I believe it is ineffective .

    Since it is a setting that is open to the public I believe they were in their rights to do what they did. Especially since groups like jws stifle and prevent open discussion.

  • azor
    Simon which rule did I break?
  • azor
    It's your site after all Simon. So I will abide by them even if I don't agree.

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