Does this make you feel good? Coz it makes me feel bad.....

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  • talesin

    Some people have far too much time on their hands. Fools.

    This is not constructive - what are they teaching?

    Narrator: "Oh, see these sisters down here? They're laughing. They're thinking ..." "Oh, this sister has violence issues" "This guy just has his finger up to his face and he's thinking, oh ..."

    T: What are you buddy, a mind reader?

    Narrator: "They are so mentally diseased ... these are the kind of people that need chemical therapy ... in order to get by in life."

    T: Un-frickin-believable. Perhaps you should look into some chemical therapy,. You are ridiculing people on the internet, after secretly videotaping them in the place of worship without their permission, and mocking them. You sound mean-spirited and bitter. You are NOT educating the public - you are making a fool of yourself. This is twisted.

  • pbrow

    This exact thread was blown up within the last year. While this type of in your face activisim is not for most people, who knows the impact this could have in a month, one year or 10 years down the road.

    The older, trapped dubs are dyed in the wool. "Mentally Diseased, Mentally Diseased!!" They will always be extremely difficult to get out. Curious, rebellious young teens with a school issued chromebook can jump on the internet and look at what these "crazy fools" are talking about. If it helps one kid get out its worth it.

    Takes all kinds


  • DJS

    (see below for previous OP). The leader of the gang quickly joined the site in defense of their activities during this Memorial (of course he denied being the ring leader). He left with his tail between his legs. Someone on the site no doubt tipped him off that their antics weren't being received quite so well by the ex-dub community.

    "These guys crash a Kingdom Hall on Memorial, video included"

    by Crazyguy 8 months ago 201 Replies latest 8 months ago

  • SecretSlaveClass
    Immature, self-righteous and condescending. Had I been there as a non-JW I'd have tossed them out by the seat of their pants. Completely agree with Nic. If anything at all was achieved it was to prove their view of apostates.
  • Magnum

    paul from Cleveland: why are you so worried about respecting their precious ceremony?

    It's not about respecting the ceremony; it's about the respect others have for the ceremony. If you had a child who dearly loved an old beat-up stuffed animal, you wouldn't (or shouldn't) treat it disrespectfully even though you knew it was nothing more than some old cloth with stuffing inside and a couple of plastic buttons for eyes. It wouldn't be about your feelings for the stuffed animal; it would be about your child's feelings for it.

    Besides, the guy in the video was just plain out obnoxious; he came across as being an immature jerk. If he had stood and pled with the audience in a caring and mature and serious and dignified way, I might not have been opposed to it or at least I'd have to think about it some more.

    I feel that his method reinforced in the minds of those present the image that the org has painted of apostates. The attendees probably left thinking "I'm sure glad to be in Jehovah's organization. We were warned about apostates and I see even more so now how right Jehovah's organization is. The apostates are bitter, immature, and disrespectful. They just want to tear down."

  • DJS
    pbrow is at least consistent; he posted the same 'end justifies the means' nonsense the first time this was discussed. Hey pbrow; it doesn't. Really.
  • goingthruthemotions

    This is Tony Prime, he is a good guy. his actions are a result of how the Borg destroys lives!

    How many real anit-JW on this site wishes they could do this? i give him cudos.

  • DJS

    Thanks GTTM,

    Tony Prime, aka NinjaMaskinen, is probably a very good guy. I agree with your assessment; by the time Tony/Ninja left, we all were trying to reach out to him and find a foundation of agreement.

    However, having said that, there is so much narcissistic, look at me, youtube posting egocentric crap going on with this video and these types of disruptive activities that it makes it difficult for those of us who would support rational disobedience to give him warm fuzzies. This video, like some of what's his name Cedar or something like that, scream narcissistic look at me aren't I cute.

    These activities are disrespectful, rude, potentially harmful and may one day if they keep these things up, even deadly; they confirm what the Dark Lords tell the rank and file about ex-dubs, that we are demon possessed and mentally diseased. They firmly close the minds of the vast majority of dubs. They support the persecution complex so rampant in the cult.

    And they may be illegal. But kudos? BS.

  • NewYork44M
    That was embarrassing. It certainly does nothing other than to add to the promoted idea that apostates are mentally diseased.
  • pbrow

    I agree with most on here that these methods have little chance of causing change in tthe minds of die hard dubs. I am not even saying I would use this kind of "attention seeking narcissistic behaviour".

    I get it, many on here are trying to wean themselves off the jw tit, slowly and painfully, trying to get their uber dub relatives out slowly and painfully. Seriously though, at the end of the day, fuck the hardcore dubs. They made their bed and they can sleep in it. I have a limited sphere of influence and I tailor it to each person that I interact with. THERE IS NO ONE SIZE FITS ALL!

    Being raised in this church is damaging. If this is therapy for them and its non violent then yes, they are doing it for themselves to help themselves. If it happens to offend your 90 year old grandma at least the end is right around the corner so she wont be offended for long.


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