How do you deal with depression?

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  • slimboyfat

    I am so disgusted with parents who would treat their child like that. I hope you have people who care for you no matter what and you spend time with them instead.

  • rebelfighter

    Your state has a Child mental health care system and it is free up till you are 18. Also please go online and research your state laws for emancipation you may qualify for a couple of reasons primary because of the fact that your parents are withholding medical care. The age is 16. Please PM me as to what part of our state you live in.

  • dubstepped

    BlackWolf, you have a pm.

  • Ghiagirl

    Hi! I have gone through something similar to you. I am now 22, but I moved out at 18. My parents didn't technically kick me out, but I told them I didn't want to live the way they wanted to me to, so in result of that I had to move out. It is hard but doable. Luckily I have lots of relatives that are not jws I lived with a friend for a couple months then my uncle, once I had a stable job I rented a room. I did this making $8 an hour! Then $10. My whole life I was so depressed, as a child, when I had a pretty good life. My parents were never over the top witnesses. But I could never be who I wanted to be, or do what I wanted to do. Always an outsider, the loser, I just wanted to be normal. I got married and have a baby boy now, that is where I find my happiness. But I agree with others, friends will help, I know it's hard because your homeschooled, how trapped you must feel. Too funny though, 3 friends I have grown up with are all now fully out and awake! I would have never guessed. We understand eachother it's the best feeling. Soon enough you will see others leaving. Do whatever you can to make friends on the outside of the bubble your stuck it. Find a job you like, eventually you can be free, enjoy new things, It can be lonely, but not as lonely as being stuck in the hole your in now. Good luck! You ever need someone to talk to you can always DM me. I feel you!

  • Fisherman

    AS far as I know, in most US jurisdictions, a minor is in the custody of his parents except that under certain circumstances they become a ward of the state,

    Regarding the topic of mental depression however, it is wise to understand that any visit to a psychiatrist will result in a psychiatric record for the patient and any statement made to a psychiatrist is like talking to a friendly cop; he writes down everything that the person says and it becomes part of his permanent record subject to disclosure by a Court Order and such psychiatric record will be used against the person if he ever has a problem that warrants it. Also, if the person is ever arrested for any reason, the police may ask or the booking department that processes the arrest will ask the person about his psychiatric history and guess what? If the person answers truthfully they have cause not to release the person.

    Now let's say that someone with a psychiatric record avoids getting into trouble with the law ( and since he has a mental history, he'd better!!) any application that he fills out will ask if he has a mental history-and guess what? If one lies, one is subject to penalization and if one admits to having a mental history they have a reason to deny the application. In the US, mental depression is classified as mental illness and guess what, from the perspective of the law, that makes the person a loony.

    But sometimes an adult person just feels very depressed and feels that he needs medical help or feels that he needs someone to talk to, in such a case a medical doctor is best qualified to help such adult person. Mental Depression is a very broad topic and there are various ways that doctors treat patients with such an illness, usually with medication with psychotherapy but sometimes only with medication and sometimes only with psychotherapy. They try to get to the root, either organic depression or exogenous depression, but whatever the case, depression results in a loop reaction: chemical imbalances causes negative thinking which in turn causes chemical imbalances with in turn cause negative thinking... Medication helps for a while but in time the medication is no longer effective because the body builds up a tolerance to it. People that suffer from depression should never ever ever drink alcohol or any cns depressants such as sedatives ( unless your doctor recommends it) People can tell you what helps them but it may not be what will help everyone. A qualified professional must get to the root of the problem, isolating it before they can recommend the best treatment to specially help the affected person. Getting help for depression best comes from a medical doctor and not from self treatment or from conclusions from information posted on the net, The first step is to talk to someone that loves you and that wants to help you. You can beat depression at least to the point where you can deal with it if not defeat it.

  • TimeBandit

    What about getting emancipated?


  • Giordano
    Do you have a passport? If so, and you can afford to buy an airline ticket to Warsaw, Poland, I will put you up for 3 months (your legal limit). That should be enough time to start to get your head on straight. Is anybody in the US able to make a similar offer?

    Fad To Black that is a kind offer. And yes I think a few others on this site may offer her a start in life or maybe some money so she can take charge of her life........ however let's understand how this would look to her parents as well as the legal community where a good intention could be misconstrued.

    She is still a minor and as such must remain with her parents or a relative or a parent approved arrangement until she is legally considered an adult which as far as I know means age 18.

    I can only imagine how quickly the parents, the congregation and or the WT legal department would jump on those mentally diseased apostates who are trying to kidnap or control or influence a minor to leave the safety of her parents home for god know's what.

    But, that said, you probably have got a few of us thinking about what we can do to help when she becomes an adult.

  • baker

    If you really want to meet friends immediately, look into joining the military or Peace Corp.

  • rebelfighter

    I have never been a JW!! So the comments above about evil apostates do not apply here. I love all youth and have worked with youth in my spare time my entire adult life.

    How are your parents treating your siblings now, how will they treat them in the future? Do you want your siblings to go through what your going through now? MHO, your parents are being very abusive. I was a much older parent but when both of my children reached the age of 17 they made their own decisions, went where they wanted and did what they wanted.

    We live in a very large state but if you are any where near either my daughter or myself we WILL reach out to you somehow!! My daughter is a teacher, she is aware of your situation. PM ME please!

    Please note my prior post.

    Your state has a Child mental health care system and it is free up till you are 18. Also please go online and research your state laws for emancipation you may qualify for a couple of reasons primary because of the fact that your parents are withholding medical care. The age is 16. Please PM me as to what part of our state you live in.

  • Vanderhoven7

    I'd look on line for counselling resources in your area.

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