How do you deal with depression?

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  • BlackWolf

    I'm currently going through a bout of depression and my eating disorder has gotten worse. Ever since my parents actually told me that they are going to kick me out when I turn 18 I've felt kind of hopeless about my life. My parents won't take me to the doctor because the psychiatrists won't have my "best interests" aka jw crap in mind, because really that's the root of all my problems.

    I'm wondering if any of you guys have any advice with dealing with depression? Like I've heard many people say before, "if you don't come into the cult with problems, they'll give you one."

  • Barrold Bonds
    Barrold Bonds

    i drink lots of booze and play lots of video games

  • Barrold Bonds
    Barrold Bonds

    are you still in school? Have you spoken with a shrink or counselor there?

  • BlackWolf

    No I homeschool unfortunately.

  • StarTrekAngel

    Friends and more friends. Not just any kind of friends but whatever little number you may have, make a habit of talking to them.

    I feel bad about myself because I am away from my good friends but the most unbearable part of coming out of the cult, is not being able to talk to anyone. I think that may be soon about to change in my case

    But if you are this young, you likely have or would easily make new friends. Find someone who you can trust and is willing to listen. That is the best therapy.

    Off course, we are also available in this forum but it will always be less personal

  • Xanthippe

    Blackwolf that's so sad what your parents have said about throwing you out. To cope with depression, eat sensibly, not too much sugar, get plenty of sleep, fresh air and exercise. I wanted to leave home at 17 because I was so unhappy at home. I finally got away at 19 even though I was still in the religion. Start planning your life now for ability to earn money and pay your own bills. You will make new friends and it's going to be okay.

  • never a jw
    never a jw

    I hate this effing cult. Combined with fanatic parents, this cult leaves almost no options to the most vulnerable.

    You need support. The sooner, the better. Talk to adults that you come into contact. There has to be someone out there that can direct you to the right place. in the meantime, get ready to land a job as soon as possible. It can be a good therapy and a source of income at the same time it is an opportunity to network with more normal people. The most important thing is that you get the best secular education possible, but you may have to postpone it until you have dealt with your emotional stability and your financial self sufficiency.

  • TimeBandit

    Wolf, I'm sorry you are depressed. Being trapped as an under age exjw in a jw household...Anyone would be, given the circumstances. I deal with depression also.

    Reaching out like you just have can help. Are you able to come and go freely? Do you have a car? I highly recommend leaving the toxic household as often as you can. Spend some time out of doors. Go to the park. Start putting together a plan for when they kick you out, and if they don't kick you out, leave anyway. Do you have a job? If not, start thinking about supporting yourself. Focus on a household exit plan.

    You have your whole life ahead of you. You're leaving the cult at an early age. I'd give my left nut to be your age again, take advantage of your precious youth!

    Just try and divert your mind to getting out and making plans for doing so. It might help you feel better to concentrate on that.

    I am sending you a huge internet HUG! We're here for you sparky!


    P.S. Hang in there kiddo! Stay away from drugs and alcohol! They will only make thing worse.

  • Tenacious

    Tell your parents you plan on writing a letter to Brooklyn expressing their desire to kick you out and you going through a depression stage. I'm sure that will make them sit up quickly because they know that their masters do not advocate kicking someone out merely because they don't buy the crap their selling.

    Moreover, tell them that you are on the border of suicide and if and when you do go, you'll be mailing a letter to the local news spelling out why you did it and what led you to it. But be sure to mention this in your letter to Brooklyn.

    In dealing with depression, first let me say I'm sorry you are going through such a rough time. Most of us here have gone through it and we can certainly sympathize. The best advice I can give you is to meditate remaining positive. I would highly recommend reading Napoleon Hill's books. They are incredibly refreshing and great for redoing your life over. Best of luck to you. I'm always available in IM if you ever need an ear.

  • Lieu

    Are there any YMCAs nearby? Youth Counseling centers? If need be quietly contact the local police child abuse detectives and see what types of free youth counseling contacts they may have. Quietly, mind you.

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