Best statement a householder made to get you to leave them alone.

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  • undercover

    Out in 'unassigned territory' we actually had a shotgun fired over our car as we came down a long country dirt drive. It had the shooter's desired effect... we turned around and left. Shotgun totin' hillbillies - 1; JWs - 0

  • Saethydd

    I've got a good one that a householder could use.

    "Oh perfect! I'm glad you're here. You see I'm in the process of summoning a demon to deal with unwanted solicitors, and I need two more people to stand at the points of the pentagram. The two acolytes I had for the position had an unfortunate accident when the last summoning went awry. So anyway, would you like to come in?"

  • Magwitch

    It was the first door of the morning some years back and we decided to start on the top floor. I climbed four floors and knocked on the door. I was a young, broke regular pioneer and could hardly afford any food. I weighed about 90 pounds soaking wet. I was totally out of breath when this handsome middle aged man answered the door. I started my presentation and he interrupted and said "For God's sake eat something and get in shape" and then slammed the door.

    I never worked that building again. It devastated me because I was literally starving, but was sure Jehovah would eventually provide .....

  • James Mixon
    James Mixon

    Get away demon and blow flour in their face, tell them the powder was demon protection dust.

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