"The Bunker" WT Conventions 2016 (Gag Me)

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  • jwfacts
    It seemed to be a morbid fascination at the time

    I remember it well. It was a sadomasochistic obsession.

    Very unhealthy environment for children.

    I was a child at the time and remember being afraid of having pins stuck under my fingernails, or being tickled to death (a bizarre fear of mine.)

  • Maryo
    Is there a complete video of this bunker material available? I saw the first part ... it is removed now. I would like to see the last part about where the authorities come to get those in the bunker!
  • zeb

    Yep I too recall the constant talk about persecution. We had little ones at the time and we kept it away from them along with the "Children Book of Bible stories" a manual for obedience or look out! There were few stories about Jesus or his love for people and children.

    as the worlds governments' wake up to the wt, their obsession of persecution will get louder and stronger. They the gb will I believe push to create a situation which will bring action against them and the poor r &f jw will wear it. The ARC has been informed that the wt may attempt to bring about some sort of civil disobedience to provoke the powers of the land. The wt has always sort martyrs.

    In Nazi Germany the jw were a none event. Rutherford in his ranting all the while safe in the USA finally stirred the ire of Hitler so the jw came under attack. One of the Nazi leaders wives at the Nuremburg trials compared the jw to a mosquito in the room; it is tiny but annoying when it annoys you too much you get up to deal with it.

    In a secretly taped jd committee one of the elders in reference to Malawi, said the brothers there.. chose... not to carry the ID/party card. He denied the local branch had told them not too. Well it is not what we were told here in Australia when that real persecution was going on.

  • Robo Bobo
    Robo Bobo

    Oh, that video isn't preparing them for the Great Tribulation...

    ...it's preparing them for the Great Kingdom Hall sell off!

  • Darryl

    I remember living my entire childhood life (5-15 yrs old give or take) in morbid fear. Fear of the Great Tribulation

    fear of the Elders, fear of demons possessing a toy or coming through the TV because I wanted to watch

    bewitched or the smurfs or I dream of Jeannie, fear of my friends spotting me walking down the street holding a

    briefcase peddling magazines, fear of some goody two shoes witness in my school telling on me because I walked

    a girl to class, fear of getting destroyed at the big A because no matter how hard I tried the bs was never ever

    in my heart I really resented my mother for being talking into such a ridiculous religion. Anyway what were

    you talking about?? That's right the bunkers just more of the same fear mongering

  • prologos
    Think of Archie Bunker to laff it off.
  • prologos
    thanks for earning us, I will not allow my children to watch it, will take them to the washroom for the duration, spent enough time in my youth in real bunkers. 
  • Lieu
    If I knew the authorities were coming to the bunker to get me, I wouldn't be there.
  • prologos

    2 minutes ago
    If I knew the authorities were coming to the bunker to get me, I wouldn't be there. The authorities would be the least of my worries, particularly the wimps that now protect, uphold the state in Europe. 
  • WTWizard

    They think that's going to work on me? Yes, it will probably get many a pious-sneer to move down by selling a paid-for house (money into the Worldwide Damnation Fund) and move into a crap apartment in a rubbish neighborhood. But, I would rather get material things that I can enjoy a good long time. I get the benefits without having to constantly update things. And things last a good long time--and work in case of an emergency.

    For starters, I wonder how many of those jokehovians that move down will have decent emergency lighting. It doesn't take any great tribulation to lose your electricity. It just takes a drink driver to hit the pole carrying your electricity, and you get a blackout. Do they have decent lanterns and flashlights for that? Or, what if they are at the Big Boasting Session when they lose electricity in the auditorium? The emergency lighting craps out. Sensible materialism would have led people to have emergency flashlights (the Fenix LD22 is excellent for this) that will take NiMH rechargeable batteries. How many have that?

    Not to mention, it's right in their own damnation book about the virgins. They all fell asleep on the job. The ones that were "foolish" did not buy oil for their lamps; the "wise" ones did. The ones without oil could not get oil from those who bought the stuff. It was just too damn bad for them. What if I use that example when the dollar becomes toilet paper or bail-ins wipe out their bank account? My silver is like the "oil" I bought for my "lamp". They were foolish to not buy any, instead relying on joke-hova. Now, the dollar is gone. They are going to be about as successful at getting my silver, after putting house money into the Worldwide Damnation Fund instead of buying some of their own, as the "foolish" virgins were in getting oil. Since this comes right from their own damnation book, which they profess to abide by, they should be bound to abide by it.

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