"The Bunker" WT Conventions 2016 (Gag Me)

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  • Anders Andersen
    Anders Andersen

    Remember Waco, anyone?

    A Seventh-day Adventist sect (so theological cousins of Watchtower) claiming Armageddon was imminent.

    Then the authorities came to their compound (bunkers?) to investigate allegations of child sexual abuse.

    The rest is history :-(

    I'll make a note of that on my FB on convention Saturday. Prime some minds to see the similarities.

  • purrpurr

    Hang on a Mo! Isn't there some scriptures about this time of the end and that jw's won't need to hide or be in fear etc because at that moment Jehovah will step in and save them? And that they will not be harmed?

    So is this new light?

  • Deleteandrestart

    This Bunker mentality thing is a well known ploy to reinforce the " Them and us situation ",

    frighten them and they will all stick tighter together...... It's all been done before, wasn't the go bag a similar thing ?

    I think the idea is " well the gb must know something we don't "

    i keep thinking you can only cry wolf so often, about once a decade seems about the norm , the R and F never seem to catch on , I'm just so glad of this forum is here and at least here people can see the lunacy for what it is ...... Plain old simple scaremongering.

  • freddo

    Yup late 60's early 70's. Just the same in England as where you guys and gals were.

    Like Sail Away said the older ones remembered the Nazis, we heard about Malawi (beaten to death/rapes) and we "knew" the persecution was coming down the 'pike. And demons everywhere.

    No wonder I wet the bed as a kid!

    Yes, why did my stupid parent fall for this ridiculous religion - and why did I fall for it for so long?

  • BeautifulMind
    😔 I too still can't shake all the fear tactics this I was exposed to as a child. Terrifying.... ruined my mental and emotional stability. Growing up thinking that shit is normal??? No wonder I'm a mess, constantly working to undo the damage. This insane bunker video brings it all back. No way in hell I would take my precious babies to anything like this- so glad I got out of that awful cult! They won't have to deal any of that.
  • stuckinarut2

    Yes, this is now getting seriously wacky!

    No other words for it....simply wacky.....

  • WingCommander

    I was born in 1979. Any of you old enough to recall, will remember the WatchTower & Awake! covers and articles that had nuclear bombs, explosions, scenes of fire and brimstone raining down upon the wicked, who were scowling in horror. This is really nothing new, just a re-invention of the same ol' fear and guilt-inducing crap-o-rama, except in a new, more modern decade. This has been in the WT's playbook since the very beginning. Remember 1925 and the return of the holies? Of course not! Most people on here were not even born in 1925, much less remember the build-up and let-down of that year. So it is with my "generation." I was born AFTER 1975, so hence I only remember older ones and my parents talking about the build-up, people selling off their possessions, and the let down, etc.

    And really, this was adopted from William Miller (and his followers the Millerittes), who experienced their own "Great Disappointment", which ultimately led to 2 new related American adventist sects being created, The Seventh Day Adventists, and a short while later the International Bible Students. (now WTBTS, or JWdotOrg).

    This is nothing more than history repeating itself. Same sh*t, different decade. (and now, millennium!)

    If you are a true believer in the bible and Jesus' words, then this shouldn't really come as a surprise. He foretold of ones coming after Him and saying that the "end is near", or that he had returned but was hidden in another room (invisibly? Imagine that!), but to fear not.....because it was NOT the time of the end. Only the Father knew the day and the hour. Not William Miller. Not Helen G. White. Not CT Russell, or 7 old obese men in upper NY state. Not Jim Jones, not David Koresh. Those nutcases are all wolves in sheep's clothing. F'em.

  • sir82

    Yes this appears to be "back to the future" with an attempt to instill terror by anticipating horrendous persecution/torture.

    Back then it was graphic detail about the torture of JWs in African countries such as Malawi, with implicit and (sometimes) explicit threats that "this is what you will go thru during the great tribulation!"

    It will be interesting to see how the 2010s crowd reacts, compared to the 1970's crowd.

  • ToesUp
    Bottom line...the WT has ALWAYS been batsh*t crazy! lol
  • ToesUp

    My spouse just made a good point. When are the JW's going to "stand up straight and lift up your heads, because your deliverance is getting near.” Luke 21:28

    If they were truly proud of what they stand for, wouldn't they stand before their authorities and those persecuting them, instead of cowering in a bunker. There were men in 1940's (close relative did this) who went to prison "for the truth." These kind of men NO LONGER exist! These men today would sh*t their pants if put in prison "for the truth." They wouldn't last 5 seconds.

    When will they stand tall and proud, "for the truth?" NEVER!

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