"The Bunker" WT Conventions 2016 (Gag Me)

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  • sir82

    There were men in 1940's (close relative did this) who went to prison "for the truth." These kind of men NO LONGER exist!

    To be fair, there are a lot of JWs in prison right now for refusing military service (e.g. in South Korea).

    However, I'm quite sure the current GB would dissolve into a heap of quivering mush if faced with federal prison time as the WTS directors were in 1919.

  • coalize
    sadomasochists jdub will become survivalists?
  • ToesUp

    sir82, you are correct, there are some JW's in prison today. The cult has ruined and continues to ruin lives. My spouse and I are somewhat bitter, as are many on here. A very close relative of ours went to prison and we realized the full on impact this had on not only his life but his families. It is a long story and there is some real bitterness here. It hit's close to home.

    We feel sorry for those lives that will be impacted for years to come.

  • ToesUp
    I believe there was a recent GB members who visted those in prison (I think it was Sanderson). He mentioned that when he arrived the imprisoned Brothers were somewhat unresponsive. YOU THINK? There is prison! Oh it was a wonderful experience to all the head bobbing JW's. One difference, the GB member (along with his pinky ring and Rolex) got to return to his cushy life in New York.
  • Anders Andersen
    Anders Andersen

    Hey WingCommander,

    You're from a very good year :-D ;-)

  • Doubting Bro
    Doubting Bro

    thought I was the only one that had nightmares about being tortured during the GT! I remember being about 10 and thinking that the military would just come bursting in one day during the meeting.

    I think the good thing with the videos are that kids are so conditioned to view everything as a TV show/movie and not real that this may not have much of an effect on them. The adults on the other hand will eat this up.

  • exjwlemming
    Years ago, I remember a special talk in the service meeting about buying a "go to pack." It's a pre-stocked emergency pack of medical supplies, water, and some semi non-perishable food. The rank and file jumped on it as life saving info from the governing body. They "did just so." People were sharing info on packs, prices, and suppliers. It seemed to fuel speculation of an impending terrorist attack or the great trib. They were on pins and needles waiting for the hammer to drop. Meeting attendance improved. My parents ordered 2 packs....because the power bars should last them the 10 days that the great trib would take. They encouraged me to buy some too. I didn't.....that was about 5 years ago and I'm sure that the power bars are not edible, the medical supplies are expired, and the adhesive on the tape and band aids are useless. Are they still pushing these "go to" packs on a yearly basis?
  • Barrold Bonds
    Barrold Bonds

    I'm going to a convention this weekend. I'll try to get video footage of this bunker shit. Should be a real hoot.

    exjwlemming: Go bags really aren't a JW thing. The federal government and FEMA strongly recommend people keep them, especially those that live in disaster prone areas.  I recall announcements about them were made shortly after Hurricane Katrina, which sorta woke people up in regards to natural disasters in the US. 

    Of course, JW's go overboard and speculate on every little thing.

  • Robo Bobo
    Robo Bobo


    A theory about the purpose of disaster preparedness kits or "go bags":

    1. If the rank & file have them, the org saves a lot of money if there is a disaster (don't have to feed people who already have food, but they still see an increase in donations!!!)

    2. If the r&f get messages every once in while that they should make sure they have one, they think the "slave" has been given some divine insight that the Great Tribulation is near and it keeps them obedient.

    EDIT: As Barrold Bonds posted, it is practical to have a "go bag". If you live in area that floods or is earthquake prone, you should have one.

    However, is it scriptural? Were the Christians fleeing to the mountains told to have "go bags" ready? They were actually told to 'not take anything out of the house!' 

  • wifibandit

    It appears that there are many videos, like last year.

    There are several bunker videos, per the Spanish Outlines and reports of those who have gone the first weekend.


    To anyone with access to the videos:

    The organization does not host their own files. When you are on their site, and you see a download link, a left click will download the file BUT you can right click and get the actual file URL. This is where the file is hosted by the company that they use, named Akamai.

    For example, the first video that was released for Friday, when you right click on the link that says 720p, copy link address, it gives this: https://download-a.akamaihd.net/files/media_video/d8/lrc_E_1_r720P.mp4

    Could you give me the link addresses for all of the convention files? I will mirror them in a Google Drive, YouTube and MEGA. This can be completely confidential.

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