"The Bunker" WT Conventions 2016 (Gag Me)

by Poztate 53 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • prologos
    This Bunker thing is the " contrary to reason, human wisdom" idea, that wt wants to spread. Jesus in the "last days prophecy " said to "flee to the mountains "to disperse, create such a diffuse target that the "enemy" can not focus, in other words Up, not down, wt has a dismal record or?
  • punkofnice

    When I first saw the bunker(tm) videos I honesty thought they were someone doing a spoof of the JW tele evangelism TV shows.

    It's incredibly stupid stuff. Hopefully, many will wake up as a result of this rubbish.

    At least we now know the secret signal.

    Outside the JW bunker: Knock.knock, knock

    Inside the cult compound: Knock. knock.

    Outside: Knock.

    Inside. Nod to let them in.

    I don't think that was the Police coming to persecute the bunker residents. I think it was the mental health workers coming to take them away in straight jackets. either that, or it was RADA arresting them for terrible acting.

    Seriously, the whole videos are a complete load of....

  • GrreatTeacher

    Disney must've wanted too much money to use actual Stormtroopers in the video...

  • Vidiot

    Finkelstein - "To establish the JWS as god's chosen ones or organization, the WTS foretold that they would be persecuted for their preaching work..."

    ...which they followed up with obnoxious and antisocial behavior that all but ensured that outcome.


    Word to the wise out there...

    ...predicting that people are going to beat the shit out of you whilst going around poking them in the eye with a stick doesn't make you a prophet.

    It just makes you an asshole.

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