"The Bunker" WT Conventions 2016 (Gag Me)

by Poztate 53 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • Poztate

    In the very near future the gang will be down in a bunker,cellar awaiting the police,military to break in and take them away to camps or executions .(Paranoid Much) This is the foretold "prophecy" of the governments turning on religion and saving them for last.Since the couple portrayed as simplifying their life by getting rid of a lot of material things is shown to be (about) the same age in the bunker we know it must be any minute now that it will happen.

    I have been out for over 35 years and things seem to be getting more bizarre each year.

    When did this doctrine really become main stream? I was thinking after WW 2 and especially with the Babylon Book of 1963 ? Was it before that or after that. Have they continued to ramp it up since then or are their current problems just causing them to dust it off for the paranoia effect.

    Jim Jones anyone ??

  • cofty

    When I was young in the '70s there was a lot of talk about "the persecution".

    This new stuff takes it to a new level.

  • berrygerry

    2014 had the centennial push.

    2015 had the rebranding.

    2016 seems to be the "we've run out of ideas" moment. Let's play the GT card.

  • Poztate
    I recall in the late 1960's early 70's there was almost an obsession about torture, persecution and what that might involve. It seemed to be a morbid fascination at the time
  • cofty
    It seemed to be a morbid fascination at the time

    I remember it well. It was a sadomasochistic obsession.

    Very unhealthy environment for children.

  • sparrowdown

    What the abuse cases in the public eye, the Bethel lay-offs, stipends being withdrawn, HQs getting sold off and the GB moving to their own bunker I'd say most have already been primed for "persecution" and the GT.

    JWs will swallow whatever happens as persecution rather than simply cause and effect.

    WT reaping what it itself has sown.

  • Poztate

    2016 seems to be the "we've run out of ideas" moment. Let's play the GT card.

    Yep More New Light and the "faithful" will suck it up... Depressing indeed

  • Poztate
    Any further comments (as the WT conductor would say) on when these "doctrines" really were pushed hard
  • rebelfighter

    About 2 years ago they were on a huge Satan kick. Everything was about Satan, I think even the summer convention was all about Satan's system.

    The reason I ask mention this I am financial accountant and this is the time period when the "Elder" and I were fighting. I deal with banks and IRS all the time and the "Elder" would go off on tangents about Satan's system.

    I am thinking all this talk about the government tracking JWS down might be to track down Elders to testify in all these upcoming child abuse court cases.

    On to another point someone made on one of these threads OMG, could this cult possibly inflict anymore emotional abuse on their children! !!!!!! This is outright EMOTIONAL CHILD ABUSE !!!

  • prologos
    Lets not forget where the danger came from during the passover in Egypt. Families hunkered down in their houses, fearing for their firstborn. At least later, there was wine service.

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