In The Name of Love, Need Your Opinion

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  • truthseeker100
    She can be saved but only by critical thinking. Maybe you could arouse that type of thinking in her. Who knows? ASk yourself could you convince her that evolution is true? Think about it.
  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas
    You don't want help.
  • OnTheWayOut

    I wanted to say, "Hurry and run back to the two more attractive girls as kinky threesomes are way better than the sex you would have with the JW girl."

    But if I did, you would probably not take me seriously.

    Seriously, your story has been repeated on here before by other men who have the hots for a JW girl. It is repeated so often that I thought I might have commented to you on this before, but I looked and it seems I did not. Don't get too worked up about a nice-dressing clean girl who seems pure to you. If she's not fully "out" of that religion, she will give you heartache and go back-and-forth.

    See if you can't hook up with the attractive girls.

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    Show up at the Kingdom Hall she attends and during the meeting stand up and say "[Girl's name], I LOVE YOU."

    That will bring this pathetic and doomed romance to an appropriate end. You will then be able to get over it and move on with your life.

  • thankyou


    Hey Nathan,

    That's funny. I don't think I can't do that though. The more I think about it it's not a bad idea at all. I really do care about her well-being. It's more complicated than mere "romance".

  • brandnew
    Dude.......go to a club, the beach, a park, ....just out. You will see so many beautiful girls out there. Rustle up some courage, and talk to one.☺
  • thankyou

    "The Searcher" and "Listener",

    The Searcher, I just found myself thinking of your posting reply as I was driving away from the local Kingdom Hall. Again, I am not a JW.

    I had gone there in search of this JWgirl.

    The head gentleman there was "super friendly". He'll check tomorrow with each of their 5 divisions to see if she has joined this congregation. (doesn't sound like it)

    During the 2 weeks I hung out with her, she was "in transition" from another city.

    Anyway, your comment about she's been acting like a "Siren", could very well be true.

    If I'm not prudent from this point on I could be getting sucked into something very regretful.

    At first this girl was so compatible. It was truly wonderful. But, then she turned incomprehensibly distant.

    I'm probably going to do what "Listener" above suggests and give her an ultimatum to reasonably cooperate. If she does not cooperate (which you suggest will most likely be the case) then I've got to exit the scene.

    As spiritual as I think I am, I'm not ashamed to admit that she might be more than I can handle spiritually.

    Anyway, I'll give her the option to contact me anytime in the future and I will help her.



    If you are a believer in GOD, if possible, can you please pray for this girl, and for me too. THANK YOU!

    Anyway, got to post this now, cause I keep losing what I have typed.

  • silvia

    Oh my goodness...this is getting good. I have coffee spurting out of my nose!! I have my doubts that this is a real situation. Anyways...if it is....The elder most certainly is not going to go check on her for your behalf. He is going to behave in a super friendly like a sneaky Cheshire cat and make note that when they find her..well...she will have many questions to answer as to why there is a worldy man looking for her. She is either acting as a siren as mentioned....trying to have a reason to get disfellowshipped..or has mental health issues. Now just so you know...JW's love to speak in subtle hints, but you absolutely have to watch what exactly you are reading between the lines. Think could be reading too much about this relationship. Has the love bug mad you become a crazy stalker type? Just sayin'... Also...never ever go to a Kingdom Hall that she belongs to or even mention her name as a casual acquaintance in your future Bible Study. (I'm sure they've offered one to you.) The odds are completely against you my friend. Local needs night should be interesting at her Kingdom Hall. Hahahaa!! Stay on this forum and read some of the stories shared from past and current JW's. I come here everyday to remind myself to stay away from the Kingdom Hall and him. This is a great forum.

  • WireRider

    Fuck the Watchtower and the horse they rode in on.

    The Watchtower uses/abuses a book that very specifically defines them and specifically warns everyone against them and very specifically states that they will be cast into the lake of fire and burn in hell for all eternity.

    No Christian Church "Disfellowships People" - they don't. They embrace people. The Watchtower is not a Christian Church.

    Put that on a brochure to attract more victims.

  • Zana

    deleted double post

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