What was the biggest thing that convinced you that

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  • cofty

    For me it was the '95 change in the generation and the way they treated us like idiots in the process. It led me into extensive personal study on the parousia and I discovered all our end time" beliefs were in error.

    From there I researched blood and the Great Crowd. Again it turned out they had been deceitful in an effort to defend these doctrines.

    Discovering their deceit was more harmful than the actual errors.

  • Ponyo

    Muddy waters it was your part about looking at the bible stories book and realising how horrible it was and the fact that it was men approving these things for children. Pretty shocking actually.

    I went to a meeting 2 weeks ago and the watchtower was all about porn and masturbation. I couldn’t believe it. So innapropriate for children and on top of that was an experience of a man who was a murderer that came back to the congregation and was made an elder. Are you friken kidding me...:

  • stillMS

    For me, the biggest thing is the GB and their representatives (aka elders and higher) attitude to the R&F (their 'theocratic' instructions and the way they're applied). They're really doing more and more crazy stuff these last years.

    No apostate or 'worldly temptation' could do a better job in waking me up.

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