What was the biggest thing that convinced you that

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  • Ponyo

    Mmmmm very interesting

  • Phizzy

    So many different things ! any active JW reading this whole Thread MUST be crushed, it only needs one thing for their religion to not be the "truth", and here are so many !

    Thanks Ponyo, we need a Thread like this for JW's to find, on a regular basis.

  • stuckinarut2

    To adapt and use a well known expression from witness history:

    "RESEARCH RESEARCH RESEARCH the Society and its Teachings"

    The Information Age with access to the internet, makes it impossible for any honest hearted person to remain ignorant.....

  • Ponyo

    I agree stuckinarut, the internet sure does make it easier now to see the light

  • flipper

    What made me believe it was not " the truth " ? Oh god, where do I start ?

    1. The hypocrisy among elders and appointed leaders in the JW organization. The covering over of child abuse cases to handle those cases " inside the congregation " and the preventing of victims and family of victims from going to police about it. And the WT Society's instruction to elders to call WT legal first before reporting any child abuse to police themselves. That tells you right there that all they are concerned about if paying out money to victims. And it getting leaked out to the media.

    2. The failed " last days " prophecies with no " end of the world " in sight. Over the centuries there have been hundreds if not thousands of apocalyptic cults and religions saying the "end is near, the end is near ! " - but it never happens. It's just a scam or marketing tool to keep members of these religions, Jehovah's Witnesses included , trapped in fear so as not to leave the cult or religion. A way to keep people trapped through fear. My recently deceased parents in the Witnesses since 1951 were told that they'd NEVER die. Now they're dead. And everybody else who is a JW young or old - WILL die. It's a fact of life. No one here gets out alive.

    3. The preventing of young people from going to college to get a good education in order to get a good, steady job. Disgustingly the WT Society kept telling JW's that they'd get a college education from reading the Awake magazine. What was THAT all about ? Once again, WT Society was trying to control JW's minds on what to think and how to think. Enlavement of minds.

    4. The no blood transfusion policy. Another disgusting WT policy. WT leaders should be brought up on charges of murder of thousands of JW's on this one. There should be criminal indictments of WT policy makers as thousands of minor children, as well as men and women have been allowed to die for the sake of this misguided and abhorrent policy. And then the WT Society changed the policy to allow " blood fractions " to be used by Witnesses ? Then who is to be held responsible for the thousands of deaths of JW's who refused blood before the " fraction " policy came into play ? WT leaders should he held accountable, that's who. But they won't as religion is looked at as a " sacred cow " untouchable in our American society. Disgusting if you ask me.

    5. And last but not least, the " shunning " policy in which JW's shun not only people who are difellowshipped or kicked out of the organization, but they also shun just inactive JW's who haven't attended for years. I stopped attending in 2003 and my adult daughters shun me, some of my siblings, and I'm not included in my only grandchild's life. What, if any form of that is " Christian " behavior ? Many of us EX-JW's experience this shunning and it's psychologically stressful over a long period of time. Some people can't deal with it and commit suicide as they see no end to the shunning from their family. Once again- what if any part of this policy by the WT Society is considered " Christian " ? Nothing whatsoever. It's a man made doctrine meant to keep JW's trapped mentally so that any ex-JW can't reason with active JW's and save their ass by helping them exit the JW cult. Once again, to WT leaders- it's all about CONTROLLING JW's.

    So these 5 subjects are the main ones that helped me to exit. Hope this helps. Take care, Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • Tallon

    Many things got my back up however, the following was the 'icing on the cake' for me.

    Do you recall in the publication (god how I hate that terminology) - Revelation; Its Grand Climax at Hand - where there was this picture of a woman, purportedly described as being the harlot (world empire of false religion) engaged in debauchery with all those 'kings and leaders' (governments and rulers). For years the WTBTS slandered and slagged off the religions of the world for 'meddling' in the affairs of the world. Well guess what; the WTBTS joined as NGO membership with the UN, the very organisation they have been diametrically opposed to all these years. When the media exposed them for their hypocrisy, they immediately terminated their membership and passed some BS story stating they joined solely because of needing a library card. What utter crap! The USA is a huge country with many prestigious libraries having access to a host of literary resources. Is the Org so stupid that they reckon people would think otherwise?

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    i grew up in it--pioneered--was a servant ( 50 ) years ago. i never questioned it--it must be the truth because we were in it !

    then--in my early 20's i started really questioning what i thought i believed. and it finally hit me--i just didnt believe in god ! so everything else just went out the window.

  • ToesUp

    Total lack of love. Judgemental, back stabbing JW's!

    Then we learned TTATT. Beth Sarim, the UN scandal, the denial of the 1975 Watchtower involvement.

    Once you learn TTATT, you can NEVER GO BACK!!!

  • Muddy Waters
    Muddy Waters

    For me, it was a progression of little things and doubts or questions which I quickly suppressed... (the mind control was strong in this one!) and then one day something hit me over the head like a lightening bolt which brought the whole house of cards crumbling down.

    First, the doubts and questions...

    - the change in 1995 about the generation teaching (now "overlapping")

    - the Revelation book, with its claims of the heavenly trumpet blasts being pronouncements at 1922 Conventions which we never hear about or know nothing about anymore

    - also, in Revelation book, the terrible, scary, invasive locust plague being **us**?!?!? - Jehovah's own people??

    - again, the Revelation book, with JESUS being the rider on the white horse?!? - leading the way with wars, plagues, famine, disease, earthquakes riding along right behind him. Wow, real good on ya, Jesus. Way to go.... thanks a lot...

    - and again, in the Revelation book (and numerous WT articles) Jesus waging war in heaven and throwing Satan and his demon horde to EARTH?? Like there was nowhere else in the whole universe to send them? Just cast these horrible, evil, powerful, wicked, depraved, crafty spirits down to the earth where billions of your CHILDREN live - the humans you and Jeh claim to love so much...??? Yeah, thanks a lot for all of that "Woe to the earth and to the sea.." Sure. Good on ya. But, hey, at least your house is clean.... (I don't believe any of this rubbish now, but at the time, it was really hard to fathom....)

    - and BLOOD FRACTIONS!!!! This is now a conscience matter??? What happened to "he being faithful in what is least...".????? That was a huge question and doubt!!! (Yet, for this true-believer/ koolaid drinker, still not the final blow!!)


    - the FINAL BLOW came when I finally became a grandma - though how I wish I'd have seen and recognized this when my own babies were little ---

    And happened when I was going to give my grandchildren the book, MY BOOK OF BIBLE STORIES.

    As I looked through the book, it was like I was seeing it for the first time through their little eyes -- and it was HORRIFYING --- the violence, , the bloodshed, the frightening pictures of all the bloodshed and pain-filled faces, my god... And these pages way outnumbered any happy illustrations!! I thought WHO could put out such a book for CHILDREN, children who can't even read yet ... ????

    ... my next thought was, it would be the Governing Body, they would have had to approve this book!!! MEN, who, for the most part, DIDN'T EVEN HAVE CHILDREN ...!!!

    I still remember that moment, like a moment frozen in time -- that moment of striking clarity, shock, and realization -- that those men didn't know everything, that they could make mistakes, and that they were just making it up as they go... It all fell apart for me then and there....


    Gosh, and how I shook and trembled and later even cried and had nightmares ... But doing much better with it all now.

  • silentbuddha

    Elders school.... finding out if a certain amount of time passes after a serious sin was committed and a person was still doing fine they received little to no discipline because there progress was a sign jahjoe was good with them

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