What was the biggest thing that convinced you that

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  • Nosferatu

    The first real noticeable thing for me was when they were moving from charging for the magazines to a donation-based system. The WT wanted the publishers to pay for their placement magazines upfront, but also wanted the donations that they were getting whenever they did place a magazine. Shouldn't those donations go back into the pockets of the publishers, seeing that they already prepaid for the magazines? I guess not.

    The other one was the "genuine Christian love" that was displayed at the meetings. It was all so phony. Whenever I'd miss a meeting, I'd have everyone come and tell me how much they missed me at the last meeting. When I would attend regularly, nobody talked to me nor gave a damn that I was there. How could they miss me if they never even associated with me?

  • LevelThePlayingField

    The WT involvment in the UN and then meeting with the elders about it and they way they treated me like a dog. I knew at that point 100% it wasn't the truth.

  • Londo111

    When the October and November 2011 Watchtowers had articles about 607BC, I decided to dig deeper to ensure what they were saying was correct. Not only was it wrong, but the way they referenced outside experts (partial quotations, ect), showed they were practicing outright deceit.

    No 607, no 1914. No 1914, no 1919. The whole belief system falls apart.

  • UnshackleTheChains

    Revelation-its grand climax at hand

    I remember this book ringing so many alarm bells in my head. I looked so forward to reading this book only to find myself having some serious nagging doubts afterwards.

  • FedUpJW

    (John 13:35) 35 By this all will know that YOU are my disciples, if YOU have love among yourselves. . .

    The blatant lack of meaningful love between "brothers" and "sisters". As long as you look like them, talk like them, eat like them, bathe like them, walk like them, drive like them (well we all get the point) they "love" you...but the second you are not a mirror image clone of what they want you to be the love just psst disappears!

    If they are not disciples of Jesus then there is no way they can have the truth according to their own Bible. (John 14:6) 6 Jesus said to him: “I am the way and the truth and the life. . .

  • Simon

    The science - the bible just crumples when you think about many of the stories and you "have" to believe they are true, even the ridiculous ones.

    Once you question something, you can look at everything afresh and of course their entire history falls apart when you examine it. All the lies, the coverups and basically complete lack of evidence of anything approaching "inspired" behavior.

    Most of all - their reaction if you question it being the truth and the self-appointed authority that goes with it. You really see their true colors when you start asking questions.

  • Ponyo

    Thanks for all you replied everyone. I have to say I agree with all of you

  • smiddy3

    I think the "Revelation" book was the start of my questioning JW interpretations of scripture .

    Their was no way I could agree that the seven trumpets in the book of Revelation in any way related to the seven Conventions that started in Cedar point Ohio in 1922 .

    And from then on even though it took many more years for me to finally cut the ties ,little things just kept adding up .and adding up and adding up.

    However once I was introduced to the internet the floodgates opened as to what was wrong with the JW religion.

    Now I know , and you know , far more about the WTB&TS /Jehovahs Witness than any Elder or any rank&file member or even the GB ,than they know about their own religion.

    simply because they want to remain ignorant of the facts about their religion.

    And the reason is you are not lying to yourself or deceiving yourself ,believing what you want to believe as they do .

  • waton

    The flip flop in the 1960s, back to the original pre 1929 "Superior Authority " teaching that hit me within an hour. I just had a "home bible study" with a Baptist that resisted the wt interpretation, called the wt error, and that very day the wt subscription had arrived, declaring him right me and "Let God be True" wrong.false. from then ir was downhill. Bible research

    Big factor was the 144 000 misreading of Rev 7. The 12 tribes each are bigger than just that number. There are more "Spiritual Israelites" than just 12x12x10^3. and then came power abuse, favouritism and Gen 1:1, the talking snake. kiddy stories that's all. Now:

    The good news of the overlapping generation kingdom will be preached in all nations, and then ?


    While my brother was trying to recruit me he spoke those very telling words to me

    'We call that lying for the Truth' [later turned down to 'Theocratic Warfare'....same thing]

    The obviousness of the statement held in the air and I wondered if he was kidding or if this was HIS watershed moment.

    It wasn't for him, but it was for me. After that, reading the 'Should you believe in the Trinity' booklet which was so poorly researched and filled with errors had convinced me that the WTS is not only promoting it's members dishonesty, but publishes lies too.

    Lastly, the fact that there are no fruits what so ever has made the WTS worthy of ridicule.

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