What was the biggest thing that convinced you that

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  • freakyAL

    Jesus said that all the shit from the old testament would be still followed but yet we dont make sacrifices and the sabbath isnt followed

  • Ponyo

    So many amazing comments. Muddy waters your comments gave me the shivers! šŸ˜®

  • Xanthippe

    I questioned the ransom when I was sixteen. Gods beloved son tortured to death and for what? Never made sense to me, just step on that old serpent.

    At nineteen I went to the pioneer school and the section on faith seemed like nonsense to me. At coffee time I said to a young pioneer, 'so we have faith because we want to have faith'? She laughed and jokingly called me an apostate.

    They stopped us studying only the Bible with people when I was in my twenties, that was a loud warning bell. Why do that?

    The lack of love, gossiping and general unpleasantness just turned me right off so I finally got out at thirty. Should have got out sooner with all these doctrinal questions. Lesson to self, don't doubt your own intelligence ever again.

  • Ponyo

    Thatā€™s an interesting thought Xanthippe, I kind of agree... why not just kill the serpent

  • Muddy Waters
    Muddy Waters

    Hi, Ponyo. Yes, the awakening process can be very unsettling... take your time, prepare to have your mind boggled... Do not talk to any JWs or elders, they are trained to shun you and mark you/ disfellowshipped you, take your family away from you.... Be cautious and careful as you wake up...

    Crisis of Conscience is an amazing book, glad to hear you are reading it! Ray Franz was truly a person of integrity and high moral caliber.

    And I am so curious, which parts of my earlier reply (page 6) gave you shivers?? Which part or parts resonated with you?

  • Cimarrona

    Honestly, for me it was never doctrinal. I just couldn't get down with the misogyny. The best option presented to women is to get married too young, have an unfulfilling sex life, not have kids, preach full-time, work a menial part-time job, and never develop my own talents. I never did believe it was the truth, but had their hatred of women not been so vitriolic I might have stayed for my family.

  • Muddy Waters
    Muddy Waters

    Oh, and Ponyo -- I hope the last part of my post didn't sound creepy! lol

    Despite my user name, I am female, and happily married (and so thankful that hubby is also OUT!!!)

    I realized that asking "which part of my reply gave you shivers" (your words!) might sound strange if you were thinking I were a man. Haha. It is a common misunderstanding, as I inadvertently named myself after a male blues legend.... but at the time I began posting, the "clear waters of truth" were very muddied and mixed up for me. Hence my name. :)

    And we never know what people's triggers are, or which things specifically wake them up. So yes, I was wondering which things I said that you might have also agreed with or which resonated with you.

  • DesirousOfChange

    I still remember that moment, like a moment frozen in time -- that moment of striking clarity, shock, and realization -- that those men didn't know everything, that they could make mistakes, and that they were just making it up as they go... It all fell apart for me then and there.... ~ Muddy Waters

    For most people, I don't think it's ever one thing. It starts with one doubt, then another, and once you realize that even one doctrine or belief is wrong, you feel the need to doubt and examine everything......

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  • baldeagle

    I can honestly relate to the many astute comments and observations made here by a variety of long-time former JWs. So many of us tried to suppress our nagging doubts about doctrines and the general inconsistences we saw over the decades. We put those feelings aside and plodded onward influenced by the herd mentality since all of our family and friends were other JWs.

    However, for me personally as many here have already attested to it was the 2010 revision of the ā€œthis generationā€ teaching once again. The ridiculous and embarrassing attempt to hang onto the year 1914 was finally enough for me. The idea that the word ā€œgenerationā€ could encompass two groups of individuals whose lives overlap and together still form a singular generation from 1914 was pushing the boundary of decency and respect for all the sincere and genuine followers who lived and died over the last 100 years.

    These WT leaders are shamelessly making a mockery of the JWs that we all lost in death and also those still living hoping that it is all somehow true.

    For me I couldnā€™t stand to allow my intelligence to be insulted for one minute longer, so I headed for the door, and disappeared off the radar becoming inactive after four decades.

  • LongHairGal


    You are not kidding about their misogyny! And they certainly hated me because I was a single woman with a full time job (that I came into the religion with) who resisted all their attempts to get me to quit it and who considered me "unspiritual"...I also refused to do favors for the users there and why would I?

    Today, I am grateful I never listened to these hateful hypocrites. I also had no family there, thank God.

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