What was the biggest thing that convinced you that

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  • LongHairGal


    That 1995 Generation thing was the last straw for me as well. Running a close second was the Witness ridiculous attitude towards people with decent jobs/careers. It seemed so senseless to me and I just had to ignore it, which I'm glad I did.

    I also saw what you saw about double standards whereby certain people were viewed in a better light and it wouldn't matter what they did. If I had remained there, it is highly likely I might have smacked one of the sisters. I also wasn't humoring anybody who claimed to be anointed.

    I refused to be targeted to do favors. These idiots who criticized me for working weren't getting the time of day from me.

    There was too much garbage and obstacles there and I didn't want any dealings with anybody. For many reasons it's just as well I'm out.

  • DesirousOfChange

    The realization that there was NO Holy Spirit direction. I really had believed that BS. Sure I knew there were problems with using (imperfect) men, but I really thought the Borg had some kind of hocus pocus "direction". When I saw that elders had been appointed who were in the midst of adulterous affairs for years, or who were liars, embezzlers, pedophiles, etc. then I had to ask WTF was the Holy Spirit doing when that happened? Did these people BS past the HS? OR,..........more likely was it that there was NO HS involved??? OMG!!

    The we were hit with the Overlappy Generation thingy. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

    After that, I decided . . . . . .

  • Ponyo

    I personally had had some doubts about it all being true but I had faith in Jehovah, I started questioning things when I was looking into going vegan. I'd seen documentaries on the factory farming and the violent ways the animals were killed and tortured for meat, I thought why isn't the org looking into this. We aren't allowed to watch anything violent/immoral Etc. then after looking into vaccinations I also thought, some vaccines have blood fractions in them and DNA cells. Why haven't the org looked into this. Then I thought, it would be too unpopular to put these rules into place. But yet we cant celebrate birthdays/ Father's Day/ Mother's Day when there's no specific rule for that.

    When they brought out the recent grey bible translation of the NWT I was thinking... Hmmmm I think it's a bit presumptuous to go translating the bible again.. Something sidnt sit right with me.

    im now in the in between stage. Pretty confused. Don't know what to believe, cognitive dissonance and about 1/4 through COC. Looking forward to finishing this book.

    Thanks for your replies. They're very interesting. I've also seen a little too many injustices in the congs

  • Ponyo

    Oh and since having my kids. The blood thing because a massive crisis of conscience to me. I thought how could I let my child die if they needed blood or if I needed blood as I had a hemorrhage in mh second birth. I thought. I would be guilty of murser and be blood guilty if I let that happen

  • Finkelstein

    The lying and deception of using the 6000 year dating calculation to reach 1975.

    This 6000 year dating calculation was used previously by the WTS twice before I didn't know that though at the time. @ 1980 or so

  • scratchme1010

    I gave up with reasoning doctrine and their teachings long before I left. The first doubt I had was when I was about 8 or 9 years old over the 1975 nonsense, but I was more interested in finding a way to get away with playing whatever I found cool at that time.

    What made me leave has nothing to do with what they teach. I am born in, and I grew up seeing through their hypocrisy and not believing or applying what the JWs I knew used to preach. To me it was about how full of shit most JWs around me were, and still are.

    I was never really interested in anything JW. It was something imposed on me since I was born, and I never cared for any of it.

  • Ponyo

    I've been a bit the same scratch me .. And now I'm kind of hitting the rebellion switch

  • snugglebunny

    The book study of Ezekiel's vision of wheels within wheels with eyes in the spokes and all that.

    I thought WTF am I doing basing my entire life on this stuff?

    So I went to the pub, smoked my first cigar and never went back.

  • Phizzy

    It is interesting that nearly every Poster has a different "trigger" that sets off the alarm bells.

    It shows that if we get the chance to wake up a JW we need to identify the one thing that really troubles them, and then give them all the info. on that one thing, they can kick over the rest of the House of Cards that is JW Org teaching for themselves after that.

  • jookbeard

    destruction of billions of non believers at The Big A , an insane belief when looked hard enough at it

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