When You See a JW Do You Get Flustered?

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  • TD
    I wasn’t sure how a regular Witness....

    Face it, Tom. You're not a "regular" Witness.

  • minimus

    Tom Harley ....I kind of like the guy.

  • Finkelstein

    Does your blood pressure rise when you see a JW coming toward you??

    Only a bit frustrated that some stupid people got caught up in the power and corruption of the Watchtower Corporation.

    A bit madding as well knowing someone is being exploited and manipulated by deviously corrupt men.

  • Introvert 2
    Introvert 2

    "The 'God's channel' can be seen in deeds, as much of more so than in words, and most here fail to appreciate the deeds, or even think that they are evil. It is seen in the representative fact of the 900 languages, nobody else having more than five, and thus taking Christ's commission to preach good news not very seriously, if at all. When you take your car to the mechanic, do you go to the garage that has equipped itself with every modern tool? Or do you go to the one content to operate with duct tape, vice-grips, and WD-40?

    I suspect you will go to the first one, and you may not even think to check with the BBB for former complaints. This is perhaps unwise, for there are some there. But even that is not a deal-breaker. It is just something you possibly could have checked out before, and perhaps did in the year you had noticing that your car needed maintenence and getting to know and study with the guys at the shop. There, the seven Garage Owners made themselves known from the start - they did hide behind the stack of tires, only to spring out when you dropped your car off.

    Someone here said that the money 'always went to Bethel.' Of course it always went to Bethel. What - does he imagine it was fired with a cannon into heaven? The point is, not that they recieved money, but what did they do with it. Generally speaking, most Witneses will agree that they have put it to excellent use, building an infrastructure to support the spreading of the Bible's message that is unrivaled."

    Hi Tom, in reply to your previous statement that the WTBTS are the most prevalent Bible based translators with 900 languages in the world I present you with the United Bible Society and their world wide work. We are taking actual Bibles here or at the very least many books of the Bible, not tracts or magazines. Many others are sharing in this Christian endeavour as is the Tyndale Bible and may other groups. So please check your facts before you say others have at most five ( 5 ) I'm surprised you actually wrote that considering your evident research and writing skills. ( 542 languages and counting )

    In my opinion the Org has a couple things right and a couple things wrong as do may others. Didn't Paul say to keep on putting up with one another in love ? I take this as applying to different Christian sects in getting along and working with each other in brotherly love praising the Lord and making the Christ and his Kingdom known.

    Actually the JW manner of constant bragging, boasting and self elevation to the exclusion of other Christian faiths, be them Trinitarian or not is selfish, childish, shameful, evil and of this world.

    However I do think you're right in saying that God permits JW to exist BUT all the same as he does with the other groups / religions / sects. I just do not see how JW can be THE narrow door. Many adherents of other faiths are honest hearted and sincerely doing their best to live a Godly life full of good works and love, some surely not. Who are you and I or the GB to judge ?

    As for the money going to Bethel you are aware of the 4K a day ongoing fine from ther San Diego Calif. court with the withholding of 21,000+ known recorded JW paedophiles ? Arw you aware of Geritt Losch's refusal to show up in court, costing the org 13M+ of contribution money. Scandalous !

    Here you go Tom :




    Here's one that hit close to home. I know this family personally and have been in service with the younger brother of the sister that was abused. Her old pervert piano teacher would sit down with her side by side and stick it out in while he gave her lessons. My guess is he got off on it the bastard. He was reinstated 2 years later and still goes door to door, isnt that just grand ?


    I'd appreciate a reply on this matter Tom.

  • Goldipox

    When my sister and I had to knock on doors as teens, if one of us knew the name on the mailbox as one of our classmates one of us would hide in bushes or shrubs while the other knocked on the door 😆 Hence my penchant for horticulture as an adult. I don't get flustered, I am never mean and often try to recommend if they are young, to go to college so they have more options, when they do finally decide to leave. I think that JW is such a small speck in what life has to offer and I think that the youth in this cult should be made aware of that when they come to my door or stop me on the street. I feel like I have an obligation to let them know this isn't all there is to life. I also like to bring to their attention that according to the bible Jesus hung out with thieves and hookers and they should follow in his footsteps.

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