When You See a JW Do You Get Flustered?

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  • sparky1

    Welcome to the forum, Tom Harley! If you have come here to support or preach about the Watchtower Society, most of what you have say will not be well received by many of the posters here. Stick around, you might learn something. Lots of posters here have been Missionaries, Bethelites, Elders, Ministerial Servants, Pioneers and of course, the faithful everyday Witness that gave their all to the Watchtower Society. If we thought that it was the TRUTH, we would still be associating at our local Kingdom Hall. Preach if you must, but be prepared to have you eyes opened.

  • sparrowdown

    The JWdot borg enjoy charity (tax exempt status) because of their "volunteer " work aka cart and door to door palming off their "literacy aids" and website ads, of course WT benefits from this work.

  • ToesUp

    Nope...we smile and let them know that we are doing better than ever. If they ask any prying questions, we are not afraid to let them know that we do not need to discuss that with them. They have NO power over you. It drives them crazy when you give them NOTHING!

  • LongHairGal


    No, I'm not flustered, intimidated, afraid, apprehensive or whatever when I see JWs in public.

    I always have a pleasant expression on my face when I run into JWs in stores. If they decide to speak I will have a short and pleasant conversation. I like to tell them I'm retired (they can assume this means I'm also retired from the religion as well).😊

  • waton

    No, they are absolutely no match for an informed observer, any possible theme will backfire on them bigtime, a hidden barb, seed planted for later blooming.

  • JunkYardDog

    i get excited when i find jw's on the street I can't wait to slam them.. i had one last week she didn't know what hit her. I made her lie about a dozen times , then I exposed every lie she told me. talk about FUN... did I say fun ? 60 years as A JW and all she knew was happy as a pig in shit being a jw. No matter whaT the wt does wrong. she was standing on her head and pulling her hair out in 8 minutes. it was like talking to some one from A MENTAL HOSPITAL the best part was when she said she couldn't read when I made her get out her NWT.... HO HO HO. AN OTHER 10 MINUTES she would have stepped in front of a speeding truck. did I say anything about having FUN MAKING An idiot out a brainwashed Zombie? and she knew I exposed her. FUN fun aND MORE FUN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • lusitano o tuga
    lusitano o tuga

    NO! I feel sad because they need more light!

  • JWdaughter

    Not flustered. Today the doorbell rang at about 11 and since our lawn guy came over yesterday (stellar service! Call HappyFeet Lawn service in Houston-they rock) my husband was looking at me and asked who could it be? I said JEHOVAH"S WITNESSES, they probably came to invite us to the memorial- to which my never a JW husband said-oh yeah, its about Easter time, isn't it?.

    But, alas, it was just the postman. After two false starts, I was so ready for them. . . .but they got scared off, I guess. :(

    Tom Harley, It's true, btw, that the literature cart is a money making scam. Its not the rank and file JW who is making the money, but the WTS sucks it out of the rank and file while they haplessly try to promote it to the masses. The WTS isn' reallyt trying to recruit, they are just keeping all the nice little JWs out there because they need to feel like they are doing something that matters-since that something is the only reason for the WTS's existence. They take it away (and the carrot and stick of "active service") and they wouldn't get ANY contributions and would die totally and quickly, rather than the slow death they are dying right now..

  • scratchme1010

    I used to dread seeing a Witness coming toward me. Now I am quite comfortable and hope that they may say something to me..... Does your blood pressure rise when you see a JW coming toward you??

    Not at all, and the ones who know me get flustered when they see me. I'm quite sure those who read my posts may have a clue of why.

  • Phizzy

    When I first left I did get a bit flustered, after a year or so I became accomplished at dealing with them, and relished the chance to sow a seed or two.

    Now I have been out for nigh on a decade I sometimes avoid conversation with them if possible, I have nothing in common with them, as a person I am now as though I had never been a JW.

    If I do speak I now tell them in no uncertain terms that I know the World will roll on long after I am dead, and long after my grandchildren are dead.

    In other words their hopes and dreams are worthless.

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