Real reasons behind this change?

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  • Gorb

    Just a good conversation at home about the hour report change.

    We think the change was not impmemented because the GB are such a lovely bunch of old grandpa's having the best in mind for us individuals.

    There will be only, and we say only, an organizational reason for it. A legal reason, to protect and it's officials and wealth.

    Next step? Maybe selling more KH and when JW Hollywood studio's in Rampoo are ready a change to TV subscription.

    What do you think?


  • Ron.W.

    I personally think if we don't recognise the borg now, in about five years it will have become totally unrecognisable.

    I believe every major change they make is 100% for legal reasons.

    I remember in the 1970's they announced that:

    'Sister Smith has been reproved. She spent the night with a man in Green Street. Although inappropriate petting and passionate kissing ensued, no actual sexual intercourse took place. Sister Smith has been scripturally admonished and has shown signs of sincere repentance.'

    I always feel if we didn't live in such a legalistic world the org would absolutely love to be able to still make announcements like this as and when they desired.

    They can't act like that anymore and are legally stymied from being the total, controlling and dominating extreme high control religion they would like to be..

  • hoser
    You’re probably right. They just have to bring the changes slowly enough so that people keep donating. The governing body are lazy like everyone else on this planet. They want to keep their job easy enough so that the money keeps rolling in and to do that they need to trim expenses.
  • Biahi

    I think the real reason is because so many are leaving, hours are down so much, they can’t publish that. So they present this as a ‘loving provision’, while hiding the low numbers. They know people are leaving in droves.

  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim

    Legal issues. That's what it always boils down to with the Borg . what other way is it with the Borg.

    Legal issues.

  • TonusOH

    This is a very desperate move, in my mind, because of the effect it will have on congregations.

    There was always a sort of "haves / have nots" mindset with regards to activity. If you could spend a certain number of hours a month in field service, you could become a "pioneer." An auxiliary pioneer was nice, but a regular pioneer was someone to look up to. Unless you were a MS or elder (more have/have not), you were a secondary citizen to the pioneers. Oh, you put in a big effort and did 20 hours this month? Please. The auxiliary pioneer did 60. The regular pioneer did 90. Still feel proud about your 20 hours? And did you even place a single magazine, or conduct a single study?

    That divide is bigger now. Only pioneers need to report hours. You think they resented you when they had to do as many hours in a day as you did in a month? Now you don't even have to tell anyone how many hours you did!

  • truthlover123

    be somebody, be a pioneer to be a star!

  • Rattigan350

    The reason was that they reduced pioneer hours to keep the number of pioneers up.

    With publishers they couldn't reduce hours, so by not reporting them, then that is a way to keep then number of publishers up.

  • Vidiot

    High levels of door-to-door activity were always equated with having The Truth…

    …but Covid gave the rank-and-file a wonderful, sweet, and prolonged taste of Saturday morning freedom, and I’ll bet the projections got the leadership scared.

    If growth is plateauing, court cases are being lost, and actual witnessing is now in decline…

    …what’s that say about “Gods Exclusive Earthly Organization”?

  • Fisherman

    The given reason is that a person’s gift of service to God is private between God and the person—now. The argument against the given reasoning is the real reason is that: All of a sudden this realization and change after a century or so or reporting time?

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