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  • teejay
    That makes everything I wrote irrelevant. I'll delete it all if you want.

    As far as I'm concerned, it's fine right where it is

    I hope the feud can be over again.

    Me, too.

    I feel stupid.

    No comment.

  • dedalus
    I feel stupid.
    No comment.

    Never miss an opportunity to be above it all, do you, Teejay? To be clear, I feel stupid for unburying a hatchet I didn't realize we'd agreed to bury. You have a PM.


  • teejay
    I would not be offended since your opinion of me matters not. To be devastated due to a comment by someone I don't know on a relatively obscure discussion board would display a lack of confidence. -- Wasasister

    Believe it or not, as it pertains to me I totally agree with you. Here on this very board I have been called every name imaginable, up to and including "nigger" more than once. Like you, it had zero effect on me. Besides the fact that I have a very good sense of who I am, people who resort to name calling indicate they have either a weak or non-existent argument or poor debating skill. (Generally both is true, as can be seen in most of Alan's posts in this thread.) Whether something is offensive to either you or me isn't the issue, is it? Or IS it?

    Earlier you pointed to a supposed suggestion of mine that "we depend on gifted writers and talented thinkers and cannot gain independence without them." I asked that you support this "suggestion" as being from me. By "support" I meant a link to my words or else a quote of them. Did you forget my challenge or did you simply find no evidence of your allegation?

    You also failed to respond to – what I feel is – one "the" important question:

    If someone is offended by the low-brow names Farkel (or someone else) might call them (against board policy, BTW), are you suggesting that it's THEIR problem? Blame the victim for their injured feelings? Does the one making doing the name calling hold NO responsibility?

  • wasasister

    Believe it or not TeeJay, I do not always follow your demands to cut/paste to "support" stuff I say. My words to you stand on their own and most readers are intelligent enough to understand why I wrote them. Most of the discussion between you and AlanF had to do with your accusation that certain members of this board are cult followers and by implication, unable to think independently. If that does not suffice for you, I have no interest in trying to illucidate further.

    I will respond to what you feel is "the most important question" only since I find it interesting.

    Do I "blame the victim" in the case of verbal insults? Only as far as I feel they share some responsibility in how the words of a stranger can affect them. This is their choice, much as it is the insulter's choice to use certain expressions. Words only have the power we give them and I'm a big believer in taking personal responsibility. So, I find a difference between "blame" and "responsibility", much as I object to your use of the word "victim".

    I have work to do and will not be checking back on this thread. You should not interpret my absence as being unable to counter your vastly devastating logic and insight.

  • sf

    No one answered DannyBear...

    Where IS Farkel? Deactivated? Banned? Removed?

    And why hasn't he posted in this thread the last three pages, if not?

    sKally, yes , i too, am a cult leader...just ask yahoo chatters!!! LOLOLOLOL

  • seven006

    This whole thread is ridicules. Everything here has been said to death and has accomplished absolutely nothing over the past two years of back patting and back stabbing.

    Most of the players in this twisted modern day Shakespearean tragedy remain the same. The issues and plot are redundant and have grown monotonous. Those who have become friends will remain friends and will continue to defend each other. Get a clue people, that fact isn't going to change. Bring up the same stupid issues and reposting old posts to try and prove an act of stupidity is.....well.....stupid!

    All this bullshit isn't accomplishing one damn thing except giving those morons back at Bethel a psychological hard on that perpetuates their illusion of being right about anyone who has left that fucked up religion and ended up on this forum and others like it. If that is what you are all trying to accomplish then you have succeeded. No one here is fighting intelligence, they are fighting stupidity. I hate to beak it to you guys but stupidity always wins because stupidity has no idea it's stupid.

    Cult of Alan F, Farkel, Ray Franz, or whom ever, is completely moronic and sophomoric thinking and all of you guys are much smarter than this, don't let the stupidity of the screwed up REAL CULT that has brought you all to this forum turn your brains to Jell-O. Can't you guys open your eyes and see how childish this all is.

    "Cult of"....... give me a fricken break.

    Someone should line you all up and whack your pee-pees.


  • StinkyPantz


    That's easy for you to say since your good friends with the main offender. Maybe if more people shared their feelings and got things out in the open and agreed to settled them once and for all, this shit would be over. For example if dedalus hadn't brought up all that old BS with Teejay he still would've been bitter. Now their feud is over. That is at least one good result from this thread. Maybe now Teejay and AlanF can make some kind of truce.

  • DannyBear


    All of the above rhetoric is predicated on one sure solid fact; people can and do get their feelings hurt. Yes I say ‘feelings’ because it is imo the root cause of all this acrimony.

    Believe me I know just how sensitive Tj can be. I offended the guy about a year ago with something I said and it still affects our relationship. My slip of the tounge was unintentional and carried no sarcastic word’s of abuse. Yet I realized how hurtful my comments were, and I appologized to Tj. That is the way it should be.

    The history between TJ and I, does not any way affect the validity or import of what he is now asserting about ‘cult’ mentality on these discussion boards.

    Several months ago all hell broke loose here on jwd regarding comments relating to Silentlambs aka Bill Bowen. There was a siege mentality around here, resulting in many defections from the board, not to mention individuals shunning one another.

    All a direct result of critical comments as regards Bill Bowen’s actions, methods, words. There was and still remains two camps, those who defend him almost without question, those who are objective, (ok three camps) and those like myself who have concluded that his attitude, demeanor and methods are not at all laudable. Need I inject that his cause is honorable…..yes I guess I do. Hoping the above does not start a new round of hoopla.

    I think you see where this is going. When anyone (Farkel, Norm, JanH, Alan, BB, Ray Franz, James P, etc) who offer’s themselves up on the table of public discourse or written opinion, can not accept or absorb a differing view. But adamantly stand up on a high horse of manufactured indignation, and denounce their so called detractor’s as being MORONIC, STUPID, FOOLS, IMBECILES, fat, ugly, smelly, dipshits, or whatever form of chosen vitriolic ‘put down’ they may choose, they are screaming out the message….’I know best, I know whats good for you, I studied this, I have my facts right, I, I, I have a tract record…so shut up.

    If that attitude is not ‘cultlike’ what is?

    Yeah I suppose the argument can be made that ‘cult’ may overstate the actual reality……..but perhaps that is needed to get the point across. Apparently from your and other reactions TJ’s analogy was indeed appropriate.

    All in all, everyone deserves the benefit of the doubt. No deserves to be attacked or demeaned with vitriol like Farkel has and apparently continues to use. I think this whole exercise proves the validity of this opionion.


    Ps Dave you aint whackin nothing!!!!ya hear?:)

  • teenyuck

    If that attitude is not ‘cultlike’ what is?

    That is not cultlike. That is rude.

    If anyone thinks that is cultlike, they need to let their therapist know...the medication needs to be upped.

    I think everyone who has been *disrespected*, *offended* and *insulted* needs to go take a walk outside. Or better yet, take a walk in a really poor neighborhood and see how being *disrespected* gets you treated. (I will post a separate topic on that).

    All the time you are wasting debating how and why you were *disrespected* is unproductive. Go help someone. Seriously. Go help someone truly needy. You will then realize that being disrespected in cyber-space is meaningless.

  • seven006


    The main offender? I see offenders and those who are offended all over this thread. If you could tell me exactly what almighty internet judge read a guilty charge to which offender I might be able to tell the good guys from the bad guys and understand exactly who you are talking about. I mean that's what this is all about isn't it? Me good you bad, I win the cookie!

    The feelings expressed in this thread have gone back and forth for years. Doug's a bad boy potty mouth and Teejay is an asshole. Yadda yadda yadda. The beat goes on. If people can realize that all of us are a bit messed up and all of us have issues that have come from being raised in a cult we all might experience a little more "normal" growth in life. "Understanding" is not a virtue that was taught to us in the JW cult. Most of us have a hard time using "understanding" as a tool to try and get along. When you learn to use it, you learn to redirect your anger to it's proper place. Not against each other as we see so much on this board but toward the asshole religion that brought us here. That is what I understand. That is what I think about before saying something sarcastic or offending on this board.

    The brain dead JW's who come here and try to shove their bullshit own our throats deserve to be offended. I don't think the exJW who come here and are just trying to fit into a new life deserve the abuse. If a friend of mine can't understand that then maybe they need to think about it a little bit more and realize the limitations we have all had to endure believing in the closed minded bullshit we once did and how it still effects our thinking now. We choose our friends because of like mindedness. Some of us do not yet have the ability to see someone else as a friend simply because of what they had to endue as opposed to whether they are as intelligent or funny or attractive or creative or what ever. A common bond is not all encompassing. It sometimes is a thread of commonality. How each one of us choose to expand that thread is up to us and our ability to be understanding and accepting of each of our faults as well as our embraced similarities.

    Iv read a lot of posts from Teejay that I liked, Iv also read some I do not agree with. Iv read a lot of Doug's posts that I liked and Iv also read things he has said that I don't like. Somebody shoot me for not choosing sides!!! I will not do that. I try to find the good in both of them and try to ignore the cutting comments and just write it off to their individual levels of growth in life. If yo think about it, we all started this human race a few feet behind the starting blocks of those who were not held back intellectually and more important socially by a controlling cult. I may be wrong but the biggest problem I see between Teejay and Doug is they are so much alike. Think about it.

    Yes, Doug and I are friends. We have met in person and had a lot of laughs. Same goes with Alan F., Wassawoman and a few others. I'm also sure that if I ever met Teejay, RF, Prisca or even you in person we would all be as good as friends as Doug, Alan and Wassa. Larc is someone I have a great amount of respect for and would love to meet him in person someday. Not all who I consider a friend shares that same feeling and to be quite honest, that would be their problem. It will not effect whether I call them a friend or not. It is just an opinion, not a friend ending decision. It seems that those we have met in person grow closer to. If that is a bad thing then again, I don't care.

    There is something about meeting exJW in person that does that. The bullshit of the stupid fighting on this board seems to go away with an in person handshake and a facial expression when meeting. Look at all the little apostofests that pop up. Have you ever seen a war flair up involving someone who has met others on this board in person? I haven't. What do you think that means?

    Friends are friends stupidity is stupidity. Hopefully my friendships are strong enough to understand the difference. I personally work on that every day.


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