It's Arrived!

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  • Joyzabel

    That truly is a life altering book.

    I remember reading CoC and then ISOCF and my head was spinning for days. I would go through the motions of life, work, cleaning, etc but my head was just spinning trying to comprehend all that it has to say.

    If you can't discuss the book at home with your mate, come back here and vent. You'll need to.



  • DanTheMan

    One of the best books ever written. I especially enjoyed the chapter titled "Justification and Intimidation", also the chapters on 1975 and the 1914 generation.

    Enjoy it, it is a life changing book.

  • nowisee

    makes you realize that you're not the one who is crazy, doesn't it!!!



  • blondie

    Wolfgirl, one past poster, Biblexaminer, who was still "in" said he read in the garage so that his wife would not find out. (I wonder where old BX is?).

    I read my in secret because I was still going to the KH and my husband was still an elder. I didn't want to put him in a position to lie about what I was reading.

    It covered several points a bible student brought up some years ago that I wasn't willing to consider then.

    Reading COC was the second nail in the coffin of the WTS.


  • ikhandi

    I finally read that book this past february and it was an eye opener. I always knew the book existed, but didn't have enough courage to buy it and read, afterall it was supposed to be poison. I am really curious though as to how many active jws read it and still want to go back. Reading that book was a turning point in my life.

  • Buster

    Incredibly well-written and edited. I read it the first weekend I got it. I couldn't get over the writer's tone and balance. Then I went right back to Commentary Press and bought just about every book in their catalog. Congrats, that book is a joy to read.

  • Wolfgirl

    Even though I had a migraine last night, I couldn't put the book down. I finally stopped when my head couldn't handle any more and my eyes wouldn't stay open. I read up through the Double Standards chapter. That's when I got really pissed off. The Mexico vs. Malawi stuff is incredible. How the hell they can justify their behaviour, I'll never know.

    I better stop now, or I'll get in trouble with Simon for language.

  • Jesika
    The Mexico vs. Malawi stuff is incredible. How the hell they can justify their behaviour, I'll never know.

    You know, that was one of the things that stood out most in my mind was what you mentioned. Truely sickening isn't it???


  • mustang

    I just got a note from Border's that COC was out of print. I had put it order to get a second copy. I really was after ISOCF, but they said it wasn't listed. What's happening? Is everybody ordering them direct from the publsiher, used copies or what???


  • Dansk


    Both books by Ray Franz can be orderd from Amazon Books over the internet. I've got COC due to arrive any day now for a friend. I've found the service to be excellent.


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