When Was The Last Time You Set Foot In a Kingdom Hall?

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  • minimus

    weeks? months? years???

  • freedom96

    Last time ever?

    Memorial, 1997

  • Thirdson

    June 1998, I took my parents to a KH when they visited me. It was highly tedious for me and the unfriendliness disappointed my parents. (I took them to visit a congregation that I had never been to before, so know one knew me. But still, my parents were visiting from out of country, even I thought more than two people might have spoken to them.)

    I actually quit attending meetings after March, 1997.


  • Thirdson

    Hey Freedom,

    It was at the memorial in 1997 that sitting there I finally decided to quit completely and never return. Must have been a "good" one that year.


  • rocketman

    Roughly two months ago.

  • teenyuck

    About 1984...got back from college and told my mom I was too busy working to go out in service or to all the meetings. Since she wanted me out of the house asap, she was happy I was earning a living and not *burdening* her.

    One of the best decisions I ever made.

  • Princess

    January 9, 2003 to listen to the elder read our names for the last time. Never going back.

    PS...they are apparently still talking about our visit to the hall that night.

  • Nosferatu

    Probably about 3 or 4 years ago. One of the "brothers" who actually talked to me at the meetings had died of cancer, so I decided to go to his funeral. My eyes were completely opened as to who were the people who had a good heart - only 1 person. All I got from a lot of people was just a "hi". The elder who used to study with me came up and told me "all your friends are here. If you're not here, you have no friends". I never knew friends would shun me.

    After that experience, I decided to never step foot in a KH even if it was a funeral or a wedding.

  • shamus

    Three years ago.... I may go back for a giggle one day... who knows? Probably not, though.

  • shera

    October 1993

    ( I always thought it was 92,but I was looking in my bible and I wrote down that I was baptized during that yr)

    I wanted to add,I was only baptized for 3 months...lol...but I had dealings with them for 5 yrs,

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