Did you know anyone who commited suicide in the org?

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  • Utopian_Raindrops

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    In our area there was an older brother who was a Chiropractor and Natural Physician.

    He was known for helping Brothers and Sisters who were very sick get healthy again.

    Because of the kind of medicine he practiced he often had to put up with ridicule and suspicion often practicing his medicine without approval of the elders. But since he had faith the New System would be here before his death he took The Society’s advice and was able to “Put Up” with the friends ridicule in order to help others.

    Not long after the “New Light” about what “Generation” meant in the bible came out he became very irritable often blowing up at people. This kindly old man became very sad and angry inside and you could see it.

    I moved out of town for a few years and when I returned I was asking about this brother saying I had to go visit him. The brother I was talking to looked at me sadly an informed me this kindly elderly brother had committed suicide!!!

    What I had gotten out of this brother as to what happened was since this older brothers disposition changed many of the brothers and sisters instead of trying to “Help” him as he had once Helped them started shunning him although he was never dissed.

    I couldn’t get over it! Here was a man who spent his life dedicated to “The Truth” and helping any Brother or Sister who came to him and in the end he was left all alone!!!

    You know a tree by it’s fruits and I’d say the WTBS Tree is a dead rotting, fungus ridden one!

    My 2 cents,


  • Brummie

    Very sad thread!

    I know a young brother who committed suicide on the night of the memorial in 1986, he did it while the whole family went to the meeting.

    I also arranged the funeral of a young guy who committed suicide, he was rasied a JW and none of them would help out so his mom turned to us for help.

    Last one I know personally is a guy who threw himself in front of a train in 2000, he had been a JW for over 30 yrs.


  • manicmama

    This one is a very touchy subject with me. I had been having depression for along time but very good at hiding it. I was on my way out as I realized that I was not happy being a JW, did not conform, was not a "dutiful" wife (to much independent thought) and generally had never agreed with JW's but was born into the mess. There was a young sister that my mother in law was close to that I found out had been suffering from horrible depression. Her abusing husband had finally left her, she was untrained, no job trying to provide for her young son. She met a man out of the truth who was very kind to her & her son but she was counseled for him being an unbeliever. She started counseling, again reproved, so quit. They told her to throw away her prescribed medicine and told her to pray more. They found her later in her garage in her car. She was one of the sweetest people you would ever want to meet. I had no idea of this until after the fact. No funeral only bad comments about her. She had not relied on Jehovah. She was mentally ill!! It confirmed my decision to leave. I still suffer from depression but at least I do not feel guilty for it!

  • logansrun

    This is a very sad, but necessary thread. My heart goes to those who lost loved ones, in part due to their religious indoctrination and warped opinions and "help" from the elders.

    I heard of one young sister in a suburb of Chicago who was a pioneer and had just married an MS. She killed herself shortly after the wedding. Very sad.


  • Sunspot

    All from "my" KH;

    A beautiful and sweet sister in her 30's with a 12 year old daughter and a demanding JW hubby, shot and killed herself with a rifle in 1991.

    A 19 year-old (unbaptized publisher) girl who had "left" and come back home to JW mama and DFed father, smashed her car into a tree at 4:00 AM with alcohol levels double the legal limit. Died on impact. I had just seen her at an assembly a few weeks before.

    A 43 year-old man who had been studying (and supposedly "making good progress") shot himself with a rifle on a Tuesday. I had seen and talked with him at our Bookstudy on Monday night, and he had "stayed after" to talk with the Elder study conductor that night. It tore me up.

    A man, 40, who had gotten baptized as a 12 year-old, took an overdose of someone else's prescription drugs two summers ago. He had attempted suicide four times that I knew of. One night in 1977, I overheard him telling my nonJW son that he hated being a JW and that he had only gotten baptized to please his mother. He had been reproved and marked many times, and DFed and reinstated twice before he killed himself.

    One more I can't specifically say, but the earmarks of suicide and the hush-hush of his death said a lot; an 18 year-old boy from a generations-old large JW family died suddenly with no "explanation". When I asked about what happened to a healthy boy of his age, the MYOB stares and mumble said a lot.

    So terribly sad.



  • nowisee

    back in the late 60's a well respected middle-aged sister in brooklyn jumped off the top of a building.

    my sibling committed suicide -- drugs -- while df'd.

  • wednesday

    I was very close to suicide , thought of it all the time. I could see no future for myself, loathed my life. I will always grateful to my doctor, who went above and beyond the call of duty, and literally dragged me out of the pit. Years later, my husband told me that he had confided in him, that he feared i might take my life.So medical doctors are not the only persons who save lives.

    edited to add,

    not to overlook all the people who drink themself s to death. I have known a few. it's slow, but it works.

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    My 13-yr old aunt after being sexually abused by her sister's boyfriend - my step-father (she was baptized - he was studying). The elders "suggested" that my mother (who had legal custody) send her to live somewhere else. She went swimming in a river but didn't know how to swim and was terrified of water. We were the same age and were being abused by the same person. We often spoke of suicide as a way to stop the abuse

    The sister who gave me my wedding shower (first time around). She struggled with an abusive husband and was told repeatedly to stay with him. She suffered from years of depression serious enough to be hospitalized. She had tried numerous times but on a trip to Florida she went "for a swim" in the ocean alone - She too was terrified of water. It took them 1/2 hour to get her baptized in a pool.

    A young teenaged brother shortly after he was DFed for smoking hung himself in his parents house

  • HoChiMin

    Yes, four.


  • blondie

    And these are only the ones were were personally involved with or the someone just had to blab about. I wonder how many more have been kept secret.


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