Most Annoying "Kingdom song?"

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  • m0nk3y

    Funny thing about that book (the brown one) in the the back cover with all the geezers singing there is either a pair of legs that dont belong to anyone or there is two bodies but only one pair of legs, not sure which but it was amusing. (gimme a break it was boring at the meetings) Pretty sure it was on the right hand side.

    I could never work out why we didnt get another song book with new songs, I mean they constantly change the books and pubs we read, why not the song book ?

    As far as which song I hated the most I cant choose .. the whole damn lot of em.

    Did any of you have to put up with brothers and sisters insisting on having kingdom melodies playing in the car on feild service ?


  • pr_capone

    Not only that mang but alot of the songs couldnt even be sung anymore due to "new light" such as from house to house due to the sheep or goats comment in it.

    Its ok though... they had another 100+ shitty songs to pick from.

    Kansas District Overbeer

  • Gopher


    It used to really irk me when the song left out the E's in everything, like Forgiv'n - what the hell was that????

    The reason they did that was to cut down the number of syllables in a word to make it fit in a verse. So "forgiven", which is 3 syllables -- becomes "for-givn", which is 2 syllables. Sorry, that's the best explanation I know about.


    Did this one annoy you. or did you like it? The Shulammite Remnant

    Well I liked verses one and three, because they actually came from the Bible. Verses two and four are JW propaganda applying the story of the Shulammite to their fictional "remnant" class of Christians. Ugh.


    The song "From house to house, from door to door," I can't recall the tune at all. Anyone have a sound file of it?

    Here you go. It's a bit jazzed-up, but you'll remember the song after you listen to this MIDI file:

  • Gopher


    I could never work out why we didnt get another song book with new songs, I mean they constantly change the books and pubs we read, why not the song book ?

    The last 3 songbooks published by the WT Society were published in 1950, 1966 and 1984. So they were used for 16, 18, and 19 years respectively. Of course it would be harder to revise the current (1984) edition because it has 225 tunes compared to 119 in the old book.


    alot of the songs couldnt even be sung anymore due to "new light" such as from house to house due to the sheep or goats comment in it.

    This has to be one of the most embarrassing facts for the WT Society. Certain things they sing about they don't even teach any longer, as you stated. Another example is that there are at least two songs where the lyrics say "vindicate Jehovah's name", which is no longer a WT phrase. Instead they say "sanctify Jehovah's name". Another one is "Jehovah is our Refuge", which clearly implies that it is at a future time (e.g., the great tribulation) where you'll see "10,000 fall at your right hand, and no harm will you betide". More recent Watchtower articles applied Psalm 91 (from which this song is taken) to spiritual casualties IN THE PRESENT TIME.

    There are probably numerous other examples, but as soon as they rewrite "Sing Praises to Jehovah", within a year something else in it would probably become outdated (at the rate at which they change their "present truth" ).

  • m0nk3y

    OMG Gopher that version of that kingdom melody is soooooooooooooooooo wrong .. I feel like it attatched to a cheesy video game .. Although you can do anything with these songs .. they always sound faduggled!

  • pralis

    Gopher .... I absolutely died when I listened to that MIDI file!!!!!!!! Oh My God!!!!!! NOW I remember that corny song. That one was soooooo terrible (although I have to say the jazzed-up version is hillarious, especially that three second opening!!!).

    And m0nk3y is right-on .... the jazzed-up version sounds like it would be perfect for a video game (I'm thinking of the game "Lemmings", rather apropos don't ya think?).

    Oh, and m0nk3y, yes, I had a field service experience where we were "gleefully" singing kingdom songs (YUCK!!). Check out my post from yesterday for the story (5/22).

    Too funny!!


  • wasasister


    Your description of the convention and the sister in the horrible outfit had me laughing out loud. Great imaging on your part!

    I always love reading the "Kingdom Song" threads, because no matter who you "were" as a JW or who you "are" since leaving, the songs always evoke such vivid memories. Almost everyone has a story.

    Music is a very powerful memory aid and this fact is not lost on the Borg. Music has been used to stir people to action since man first learned to bang two sticks together. I can still remember sitting in the big conventions in tears when the last song was sung.

    My sister and I used to have to sing "Balsam in Gilliad" and "Jehovah God is My Shepherd" at Witness funerals. For a few years, we were a featured Duo. I still hate the words to those songs.

    Worst lyrics? For me, it was Nazarite song: "Naaaazarites, how CAN we be like them....They cut their hair and did not get laid..."


  • dorayakii

    I always thought this one was funny:

    In a land so good and spacious,

    Free from strife and things vexatious,

    Look! a happy crowd, vivacious

    In God's service that is efficacious.

    I had to stop myself from laughing everytime because it sounded like someone had just desperately looked through a thesaurus searching for words just to fit the rhyme.

    When My father gave public talks in other congregations my parents and I would scour the songbook for a song appropriate to his talk, but I'd always suggest the Victory Song because it was my favourite. And I loved listening to the drama tape with the trumpets: "Almighty Pharaoh, Lord of the city of North, Potent of arms, Living forever. Life, Prosperity, Hope.... BRING THEM BEFORE ME!!!"

  • betweenworlds

    'Firm and Determineddd in this time of the end,

    prepared are God's servents the good news to defend

    Whatta holy hellish dirge that thing is.

    Then there's always the one that had the line about 'our brother's we must stimulate' or something along those lines. what was that one from? always made me chuckle to m'self


  • blondie

    There were some that I liked the tune. But it is hard to separate the words from it. Some were just unsingable. I always thought it might be interesting to check how often certain songs were sung and if some were hardly ever chosen.

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