Most Annoying "Kingdom song?"

by doodle-v 95 Replies latest jw experiences

  • YellowLab

    I never liked the song that began with "Naz'rites...they truly were different..."

    There was one brother who was a music teacher at a local high school, and he always purposely sang this song extra loud and off a key or two and claimed he was singing harmony, although most of us believed he was trying to bring attention to himself.

    They played song #13 at my wedding "Because Jehovah created, the universe so grand..."

    So glad I wasn't married in a KH!

  • morrisamb

    From House to House...drove me nuts

  • obiwan

    Any of them still in my head!

  • doodle-v

    Instead of "Sing Praised to Jehovah" I think the title of that songbook should be renamed to "Singing the Praises of the Watchtower Organization" or better yet, "Sing the Praises of the Borg-or else!"

  • Mulan

    "Jehovah God is My Shepherd". Mom sings it all the time. Completely gives me the creeps. Makes me think of death and dying.

  • undercover

    The Wedding March couldn't be used in the hall for a wedding but could no other song but a Kingdom Melodies be used? At all? What about classical? Like Pachobel's Canon? Or any song without lyrics? How can a song be bad if it doesn't have lyrics?

  • TresHappy

    Yes, that's the way it is. Which is why I never would have married at the KH. So I opted for a beach in Jamaica...

  • dins

    If you keep your eyes on the prize always got me and still annoys me to this day.

  • Oroborus21

    I like the Kingdom Melodies :-)

    but "Welcome One Another" is terrible. It has funny notes that no one can hit at the end of each bar.

    the wedding march is from Lohengrin (Wagner's Opera)


  • Brummie

    After 3 brothers..1..2..3..

    "as we go from door to door and spread the kingdom news, to be sheep or to be goats we let the people chooooose" ooops we cant sing that anymore its apostate now.

    Ok lets sing one of my faves:

    "Who will Jehovah Gooood, your loyal friendship gain? Who in your tent of rest will you forever leeeet remain, tis he who endlessly, does serve God fearlessssly, ladadada never to vex,,,so fearlessly...lalala...Jehovah leeet us beeee, your friends eternally"

    I lurrrrrved that melody (song 217 I think).

    I also liked "keep your eyes on the prize"...sobs at the stupidity

    I hear these now and think my brains were on vacation during the JW years


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