One simple photo to sum up the heartless and hypocritical attitudes of many Jehovah's Witnesses

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  • kramer

    This trolley is located in a spot in London where there are alot of homeless people, and this part is undercover so even more popular. It’s the location to place the trolley when it’s raining , as it was yesterday. The homeless people here do get talked to regularly and get bought food and drinks by the people on trolleys. And charities regularly help people at this location. The idiot in this scenario is the ignorant person trying to make a cheap point with selective photography.

  • steve2

    I agree Kramer. To me the surprise is not the juxtaposition of the man sleeping on the pavement within close proximity to the line up of JWs. How do we know that the JWs have not given the man food or talked to him? A photo can be very misleading - it's a single snapshot in time - not an extended recording of everything that was or was not done.

    Back to what surprised me: The lineup of five - count five! - JWs staffing a single immediate location. Even if I were a potentially interested passerby, I'd think twice before stopping to show any interest with such a big lineup. Whatever happened to two Witnesses per cart?

  • Finkelstein

    They could have out of empathy and compassion cover the man up with magazines to keep him warm.

    .......and count those magazines as placements too.

  • no-zombie

    Its a sad incitement of our society (the world I mean) that homeless people are invisible in nearly every country. None the less, the analogy of the Good Samaritan should have forced those "brothers" to minister to that poor soul regardless, as part of their sacred service. In cases like this I've have always remembered the expression "God has mercy on the merciful". But judging by that photo ... on judgement day, little mercy will be shown to those guys.

    I mean ... come on ... how could they just stand there? It just blows my mind.

  • Spiral

    I can't say that this picture looks good.... especially when you know that jw.Borg doesn't actually do any charity work, they just preach. "Spiritual food" is what's needed and all that.

    You wonder what the five (five!) people were thinking, standing there in a neat row, in that setting. Perhaps they are used to it.

    I used to work downtown, we had several people like that outside the office. Our staff never gave them money, but gave them food. They always appreciated it and ate every bite. Just sayin'

  • lastmanstanding

    That drunk... that’s not Top shelf Tony is it?

  • smiddy3

    I`m not racist by any means but that white girl standing with 4 coloureds ? Couldn`t they mix match them up a bit better than that ?

    Maybe 3 coloureds and two whites ?

    Or maybe 3 whites and two coloureds ?

    And why do they need 5 people to man / woman two carts ? side by side ? At the one location ?

    Surely one man / woman can handle a cart at one location ? two at the most .

    And as for the poor soul lying down next to them either asleep intoxicated ,drugged or whatever ,their apparent obvious unconcern for this unfortunate speaks volumes .

    Matt.25 :42 -46

  • nicolaou
    Smiddy3 I`m not racist by any means but that white girl standing with 4 coloureds ? Couldn`t they mix match them up a bit better than that ?
    Maybe 3 coloureds and two whites ?
    Or maybe 3 whites and two coloureds ?

    What the actual bloody hell are you going on about? I've yet to read a sentence that starts with "I'm not a racist.." that doesn't come across as a bit racist.

  • blondie

    Why five?

    Looks like a bad neighborhood, but they need a witness, right?! I think there might have been some reasoning by the BOE like this:

    1) Safety in numbers

    2) Don't scare off people with only men

    3) Don't scare off the sisters, send 2

    4) Even better send a child to make the whole group more appealing and at the same time give her some real time experience


    5) Have a diverse group, race, gender, age to attract a wide variety of people

    Just saying, not supporting or reading minds

  • jhine

    To pick up on lwantoutnow's post , l have heard former homeless people saying that giving cash to people on the street CAN be counterproductive . it may enable them to buy drugs if they are junkies . They suggest buying food instead .


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