One simple photo to sum up the heartless and hypocritical attitudes of many Jehovah's Witnesses

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  • Drearyweather

    So the JW's should have slipped a 5 dollar or 10 dollar bill to the homeless guy. I hope everyone who gave that suggestion does that to each homeless guy you find on the road. All the best with that.

    What about the guy who clicked the photo? What help did he give to that homeless guy, other than clicking and tweeting that photo?

  • Wasanelder Once
    Wasanelder Once

    Though they may have already aided the guy, we who were "Uber" dubs know the empathy deficit that exists among the "holy". These dubs were picked for their zeal which usually means leave them lying. Who knows the circumstance? We do know what their modus opperandi is physical help. Magazines only.

  • FatFreek 2005
    FatFreek 2005

    you will not find another image like this in future the governing body will see to that bad for their image

  • Giles Gray
    Giles Gray

    Following on from the points made in Drearyweather's post:-

    How condemning would it seem if there was a snapshot of the photographer taking an insensitive picture of a homeless person asleep on the street?

    A picture like that could also be construed as heartless.

  • Finkelstein

    Jws are not true Christians in the identity and description of Jesus , they are public sales representatives of the WTS and are subjectively loyal to it , its instruction and social guidance.

    I've heard JWS say .... you see that homeless person there, that will be done away with in the new order, using these saddening situations as fortifying arguments in support of the WTS's proclamation of the New Order soon .

    Of course JWs will not lift a finger or give someone a penny to help them out.

    The WTS condemned its members to do that .

  • Simon

    Giving money to homeless people can be lazy and misguided IMO - it can be done with the best of intentions but risks simply feeding an addiction and the crime that can go along with it.

    Maybe ask if you can buy them a meal instead so you don't risk inadvertently contributing to the cause of their condition. Volunteering at a local homeless shelter / soup kitchen can also be rewarding and ensures that help is distributed more fairly among those who need it (instead of the most vulnerable being pushed out of "prime spots" by those stronger, or even faking their condition)

  • StephaneLaliberte

    Drearyweather: I agree that this picture could have been taken out of context and does not say much about the people in the picture. And yet, it does neatly represent the watchtower’s position: They do not participate in providing food, shelter and/or clothing to homeless people. Instead, they criticize other charities and boast that they focus on the preaching work (you may take a look at this JW watchtower here)!

    Hence, this picture is indeed worth a thousand words.

  • undercover

    To be fair, I bet no one from the Currency Exchange (left of the JW cart) offered to help the guy either.

    In other words, what we have here are two businesses, side by side, that are more interested in their business returns than helping the downtrodden.

  • Biahi

    Maybe if they gave him a tract or magazine he could use it for toilet paper!

  • kramer

    This trolley is located in a spot in London where there are alot of homeless people, and this part is undercover so even more popular. It’s the location to place the trolley when it’s raining , as it was yesterday. The homeless people here do get talked to regularly and get bought food and drinks by the people on trolleys. And charities regularly help people at this location. The idiot in this scenario is the ignorant person trying to make a cheap point with selective photography.

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