One simple photo to sum up the heartless and hypocritical attitudes of many Jehovah's Witnesses

by nicolaou 94 Replies latest jw friends

  • jp1692

    Iā€™m guessing none of them ever read the account of The Good Samaritan.

  • JayDubyaDotOrg

    What if the person on the floor is a brother and he's just getting a bit of sleep whilst counting his hours?

    Like we used to do when working the night shift. We would take it in turns to sleep, a different person each night of the week.


  • ShirleyW

    That pic reminds me of a homeless beggar that I always see at a certain subway station here in NYC, while he's begging everyone for a quarter I notice he's always holding a Washtowel, so one pompous Dub proudly gives him a rag everyday instead of quarter and feels good about it too I'm sure. Thing is you can't eat or drink a magazine, only thing he can do is save it to wipe his ass when he finds a quiet corner somewhere.

  • DesirousOfChange

    what--5 of em counting time ?

    SIX -- if you count the guy sleeping.

    Think of it, he's the only one getting anything productive accomplished. Everyone NEEDS sleep.

  • mann377

    My observation is that the person OD on the truth as they were witnessing to him.

  • flipper

    Realistically these JW's are invading this homeless man's personal space. I mean for the love of Christ, give this guy some space so he can sleep in peace ! Or if the J-dubs insist on standing so close to his sleeping quarters, slip him a $ 10 bill into his jacket. They should at least do SOMETHING to show they aren't the insensitive louts we've all come to realize that they are. Or show some respect for the man's space and move somewhere else to do their proselytizing ! Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    nope--i think its the dubs regular trolley place. why should they move just because theres a body lying there?

    edited...trolley = cart, not a railway carriage.

  • nicolaou

    What flipper said.

    Stan, hope your English sarcasm translates across the pond šŸ˜…

  • Finkelstein

    Hypocritical yes the JWS do nothing to help the sick and needy as instructed by Jesus to his true followers. JWs do not set up in-house charities so people can use that donated money toward helping the poor, homeless and unfortunate ones in society.

  • newsheep

    No jokes about the homeless please. Some of us were there once. Over here they like to sit in front of banks ( no doubt hoping someone gives them a donation) or out in the middle of nowhere. They know that people coming out of the bank don't have time to stop and talk about the bible. There's a farmer's market that has loads of people coming and going and you never see the joho's set up their carts over there. Just a bunch of pharisees.

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