I lied to the elders

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  • TheListener

    I think you handled yourself just fine. You should be proud that you stood your ground and maybe you left your mom with some thought or two that will make her think sometime tin the future.

    This board really is great! It provides the emotional support for the OP and for the everyone else lurking that feels alone and isn't comfortable posting. That can be seen by how much support ATA received on this thread and especially by a lot of newer posters who are going through similar situations themselves.

  • kairos

    be prepared for an invite by certified mail.

    Either ignore them completely and go on into freedom or do a really nice hidden video with a very well scripted series of comments that will leave them looking foolish.

    your call

    I walked away, middle finger extended.

  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim
    What's really disgusting is that all LOYALTY to the Borg trumps ALL family ties. Control. It's all about high control.
  • poopie
    You can also point out the unloveing way people made in God's image are treated very cruel by shunning practice.
  • exjwlemming
    You gave the elders a taste of their own medicine, "anti-spiritual warfare." They are not entitled to know this information so deception is not lying.
  • Enlightenment123


    Thanks. It is what it is and life goes on :)

    I don't know about anyone else, but I was just considering whether or not I ever believed it was the 'true religion'. Of course I left at a younger age, instead of well into adulthood, but when I think about it...I'm not sure I ever really bought much of it growing up. I had to go out in service and do the little sister talks and whatever, but it was just repeated verbatim speech, for the most part. Though I did always feel happy that as long as my great-grandparents (the pre-1914 generation) were alive, we were all fine. Then that teaching changed to something else, the great-grandparents passed away and well, the rest is history...

  • Dissonant15
    Your mother & your relationship with her sound a lot like mine. I haven't called myself a big A yet, but the rest of that story sounds quite familiar. I decided a long time ago that if the elders ever show up at my door I'd be using that "spiritual warfare" right back at them. I completely understand where you're coming from!
  • Coffee House Girl
    Coffee House Girl

    I probably would have done the same thing in lying to the elders if I had been in your shoes…sometimes my survival instincts kick in when those moments occur.

    You mother also sounds a lot like mine, trust me, you were going to lose her either way. I would (as others have said) let things subside a bit- then maybe just take the high road and write an email or letter to your parents saying that you will always love them, and your heart is always open to them if they want a relationship with you. Put the ball in their court…their indoctrination will make them automatically reply that it is "your fault…you are the one walking away"…but you know that is really not true- and you can at least have the peace of knowing that you extended the olive branch.

    Sorry that you are going through this- I can relate!


  • 2+2=5
    So did I.
  • brandnew

    Elders cannot stand...getting verbally bitch slapped by the rank & file. They think they're kings or something, or police on the hunt for a killer. Good 4 you on your standing up to those lames. Dont give em nothing to work with. Remember hearsay doesnt even fly in a court of law, and thats all them eldurrs are working with. Keep yo head up ☺!!!

    Mad Puppy

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