I lied to the elders

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    I lied to the elders

    Considering everything about the WBT$ is a Lie..

    It was only fitting..


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  • millie210


    We have all heard the phrase Its a jungle out there".

    Well it is definitely a jungle inside the walls of a Kingdom Hall. Predatory types abound, waiting for a misstep real or imagined in which they can exercise their power.

    Nature provide some amazing solutions to even the playing field though. Some hide in plain site with disguises. Others have amazing techniques they use.

    The go one way and double back is a great one. Ever seen a rabbit? They do that. Squirrels, monkeys and others.

    I love what you did. You were honest with your mother, Good, You doubled back and used a different technique when people preying on your spiritual well being came calling. You are so smart! I was so impressed reading your original post.

    Im sorry you and your husband have the emotional issues to deal with in the first place.

    If it helps you any to know this- we all do in the beginning (I stlll am in that phase myself) so you are among friends in common.

    Congratulations on the baby, that is so wonderful, keep us updated!

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