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  • Xanthippe

    l used to love Jehovah but don't you think he's gone very quiet in recent years? He doesn't seem to talk to anyone, no calling out a person's name like he did with Samuel or appearing in a burning bush.

    I'm not being sarcastic LovesJehovah I just don't know how to love someone I can't see, who doesn't speak and doesn't do anything. I always struggled with talking to someone who didn't answer me, even when I did love Jehovah.

    Now I can't believe in someone who does nothing when people are suffering terribly. I have to do something when I see people suffering, even if I can only give a tiny bit of help. He is supposed to have much more power than us but he does nothing. Doesn't that ever bother you?


    The divine name was used by Jesus on sever occasions.....lovesjehovah

    The name Jehovah is a "13th Century Catholic Translation Mistake..

    Jesus would have never used the name Jehovah..


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  • LoveUniHateExams

    That question was directed to God, not me - no, it was a question about God, directed to you.

    Here it is again: I'm a faded (not df'd or da'd) JW that is agnostic, doesn't believe the Governing Body are special in any way (well, maybe special needs in the case of Morris and Lett) and accepts evolution. I won't ever become an 'active' JW.

    At Armageddon, how will your loving God deal with me?

    Please just answer honestly.

    Thank you.

  • Pistoff

    As the thread suggests, I am only going to respond to those who truly love Jehovah.

    This makes you a perfect witness; you won't engage anyone you don't agree with, because you are afraid and unable to argue effectively for your position.

    You live in your own self created echo chamber.

    PS: How do you know if I love Jehovah or not?

    Who is Jehovah?

    When did that name enter the world of believers?

  • elderINewton


    The point your likely missing is that on this site its a mix of people that are agnostic, atheist, or doubters, but the underlying them is that there is a distrust of the organization that claims to be God's sole channel.

    The reality is that if you are a lover of truth, they you can't ignore the issues that God would have with the Watchtower.

    The bible asks us to become Christians or followers of how can/or why should one even identify themselves as a Jehovah's Witness, as that would be contrary to what the bible asks of us?

  • lovesjehovah

    Uni -

    Giirlll lolololol. You still don't understand your own question. You're asking a human how God will work out your salvation. When that human knows nothing about your life, choices, heart, and understanding. How am i supposed to answer that?

  • Finkelstein

    But then we both noticed that the rain was only hitting the car, nowhere outside of the car was getting wet

    Two things that can mess up people's minds, one being intoxicating drugs that alters the perception of reality by symptomatic chemical alteration., such as Marijuana

    and religions like the JWS that intentionally tries to infuse psychosis of fear, ignorance and superstitious beliefs,

    drawn from ancient fictional mythology from the ancient Hebrew civilization ( the bible), as to exploit people for their own means and intent of power control and money.

    This god only exists in your mind lovesJehovah like all the other gods imagined throughout human history.

    So if you earnestly want to relieve yourself from these delusions you better drop both for the sake of your mental heath and well being.

    Take care .. lovesJehovah

  • lovesjehovah
    The point of this ONE particular thread is to be encouragement and experiences shared with those who love Jehovah. That's it. Its not out of the way to make ONE thread about loving Jehovah. It is not out of the way for me not to respond to the statements that don't stick to the topic at hand. If you go to a thread supporting kittens, it would look stupid to reply about how you dislike Marklars.
  • LoveUniHateExams
    When that human knows nothing about your life, choices, heart, and understanding - this implies that some life choices, attitude ('heart condition') and understanding in a person will cause God to judge that person adversely, i.e. destroy them at Armageddon, correct?
  • Finkelstein

    So why do you love the genocidal murderous god of the ancient Hebrews LJ ?

    There are nicer gods than that one to worship and love.

    Are you high on drugs right now LJ ?

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