$5.5 Million to be transferred to World Wide Work from Assembly Hall fund

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  • never a jw
    never a jw


    You sound like Bill Clinton: "It depends upon what the meaning of the word "is" is."

  • smiddy3

    Shouldn`t this sort of information be forwarded on to leah Rehmini ? who is supposed to be looking at doing an expose on the Jehovah Witness religion ?

    I hope somebody does this i`m pc illiterate

    Isn`t this the type of information she could use ?

    Also the loans to Kingdom halls that were cancelled out loans that may have had a few years to go that were then cancelled by the organization only to introduce a voluntary contribution that matched what you were paying on your loan but now you were committed to paying that same amount forever ?

    If that`s not a scam then what is ?

  • slimboyfat
    It is this in a nutshell...whilst they are now being very careful with their money and "grabbing"what they can they are in no way going bust financially in our lifetimes.

    How do you know that?

  • _Morpheus
    Db, im hesitant to take this as a symptom of some larger problem without more details.
    These decisions are never made by the branch, as much as people want to make them such. They are local first. This was co’s and the ldc. The question is why they decided to do this. Whats the alternative plan. Is there another assembly hall with avaliable capacity and some company men on the ldc or some up and comming co’s decided to try and shine by sending the money to the branch?
    Theres more details needed to accurately assess the situation. If the org were in imminent danger a mere 5 mill dosent fix it. They have HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS from the sale of brooklyn property. Everyone relax and think for a minute.

    hmmmm..... i dont see any william jefferson style quivocation there but I will repeat myself as many times as needed on every “the sky is falling” thread so that even the most uneducated can understand my position: the org is not collapsing. They are not in imminent financial danger. The 5 mill they stole from this circuit wouldnt save them even if they were in trouble. We can all carry on with our lives.

  • Lostandfound

    If the WT claim that the Worldwide Work Fund is directing massive resources to Africa, and building KHs there, where are the pages of self congratulatory stories about the myrhical builds. Transparency is not a word in any lexicon of the WT, but surely smoke screen is. Where is any sort of evidence, are African brothers in their thousands praising Warwick and its Magic Money Tree ?

  • flipper

    Bottom line is the WT Society is a dishonest money grabbing corporate organization that is only concerned about their financial viability and survival. If they have to rob Peter to pay Paul ( or rob their own JW members to pay child abuse lawsuits ) they'll do whatever it takes to accomplish that end. There is no conscience in WT leaders , the governing body, or anybody else in the upper level management of this WT organization. It's a criminal organization run by sociopathic individuals

  • Bangalore

    Quite sickening.Sadly most JW's won't dare question it.

  • GrreatTeacher

    A bully/abuser will ramp up abusive behavior to test how much will be tolerated until there is pushback.

    The longer that takes, the more contempt they hold for you, reinforcing their belief that you deserve it.

    Let the reader use discernment.

  • JW GoneBad
    JW GoneBad

    WT is planning/preparing now for very lean times ahead. It's true WT may be sitting on a lot of cash at the moment...they may have a hefty bank account! But don't forget...WT also has several compounds that they need to maintain, i.e. Warwick, Patterson, Tuxedo and numerous other high maintenance facilities with high maintenance equipment and personnel. Maintaining a large legal department requires a great deal of $$$ as well. Medical care for all these aging Bethelites is very costly too. So selling off Kingdom Halls and Assembly Halls may be their only option in order to replenish those dwindling banks accounts.

    McDonald's sells hamburgers, General Motors sells automobiles and General Electric sells home appliances...that's how these large entities stay afloat & in the 'black'! WT doesn't sell anything in order to generate revenue like these other successful corporations. WT is currently operating in the 'red' with zero revenue! Bottom-line: WT has millions and millions of debt on a monthly basis. WT has created a monster of an organization that is high-maintenance & it needs/demands to be fed day in and day out...24/7!

    I enjoy fantasizing that we're witnessing the collapse of a whore and her trade...YAY!

  • dubstepped

    I don't think that any news organization or even Leah Remini would care about this whatsoever. It is hard enough to get coverage of things like child abuse. The only people that care here are us exjws that find this interesting and the local people that just got fleeced, and let's face it, most of them won't even care.

    I also don't think this is indicative of some collapse. It's just like Grreat Teacher said above, they're just pushing the envelope like any good abuser.

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