$5.5 Million to be transferred to World Wide Work from Assembly Hall fund

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  • pale.emperor

    Similar situation happened to us in Liverpool, UK.

    Our KH had a lot of old biddies that donated like £50 a month for years. Our KH was a shack. We had the funds to build a KH 2 times over but just couldn't find the land to build it on. We were one of the KH's that didn't have a loan with Bethel.

    Then came the announcement that they're going to merge our KH with TWO others. So no need for a new KH. Bethel had asked for the money in our account and so a vote went out asking if we all agree to send Bethel £38,931 in 2013 and £41,132 in 2014. (£80,063 in total). Of course we all "agreed" but many wernt happy. Particularly the older ones.

    One day they handed out little forms to each of us during the meeting wanting us to write how much we could donate on a monthly basis.

    Turns out, Bethel had "lovingly" cancelled all loan agreements with the KHs. How nice of them right? Not so. It turns out that despite the loan being cancelled they still wanted the congregations to send the same amount of money each month as a donation.... forever.

    Bethel had already pulled off one cash and grab scam. Now it was time for another one. Because we didn't have a loan in place with them they expected us to come up with a number in which to make regular donations to them forever. I think the standard amount people were writing down was £20. (£20 x 70 members = £1,400 per month TAX FREE). I gotta hand it to the Bethel accounts dept. That's a pretty good scam "loving arrangement" you thought up there.

    Imagine the shame you'd feel if you put £0.00 because you're poor (like i was at the time). I was already spending £80 a month just commuting to the meetings. So i never contributed. This was the first time i remember the org blatantly asking for money. Something i smugly used to tell people that they never do.

  • Phizzy

    " = £1,400 per month TAX FREE " Plus, if taxpaying JW's "Gift Aided" it, the Tax Man sends what Tax they have paid on their contribution to the Congregation, boosting it by at least 20% !

    JW Org is a money making Scam, fleecing not just its own members, but non-JW Taxpayers too !

  • menrov

    Regarding resolutions. If a resolution is required, it means the money is owned by the congregation, right? Does the congregation have a set of rules on how to manage these big decisions? Is it 50% + one? Does each published have an equal vote. Or can one NO vote stop the process? In other words, what is the legal framework? If the money is not owned by the congregation, why a resolution?

    As this is a big amount, I'd be interested to see what the legal framework is. If it is owned by the congregation, I would fight for it, regardless the consequences. 5 million divided by 100 publishers is a good sum of money.

  • Doubting Bro
    Doubting Bro

    That's cold even for the WTS. I'm starting to think their cash crises is deeper than I thought.

  • OrphanCrow
    menrov: If the money is not owned by the congregation, why a resolution?

    Non-profit tax rules.

    Designated donations cannot be used for other purposes unless there is a resolution, from those who donated it, to use those donated funds for another purpose

  • sir82

    Gotta agree with SBF.

    This is an absolute morale-killer.

    JWs will put on a poker face and mumble about "what a wise use of funds, we're so thankful it will be put to good use" while in their "car groups", but back at home, there will be lots and lots of questions, and no one to ask them to.

  • Freedom rocks
    Freedom rocks

    What happens if there are people who vote against a resolution?

  • _Morpheus

    Db, im hesitant to take this as a symptom of some larger problem without more details.

    These decisions are never made by the branch, as much as people want to make them such. They are local first. This was co’s and the ldc. The question is why they decided to do this. Whats the alternative plan. Is there another assembly hall with avaliable capacity and some company men on the ldc or some up and comming co’s decided to try and shine by sending the money to the branch?

    Theres more details needed to accurately assess the situation. If the org were in imminent danger a mere 5 mill dosent fix it. They have HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS from the sale of brooklyn property. Everyone relax and think for a minute.

  • OrphanCrow
    FreedomRocks: What happens if there are people who vote against a resolution?

    If there is not a majority consent to the resolution, then the designated funds cannot legally be transferred to another purpose

  • Doubting Bro
    Doubting Bro

    Morph - I get that but the LDC takes direction from the branch and would likely need approval to build an AH. Probably need approval to build just a KH. I agree that 5m is a drop in the bucket when you are talking about a multi-billion dollar organization but I have to believe that this is part of a larger plan to reduce overall expenditures and consolidate as much uncommitted cash as possible. I don't think they are going out of business anytime soon but it seems really interesting. I know they are pulling these with KHs which doesn't really move the needle but if they are starting to do this with AHs, its just another thing that is curious.

    Especially since they sold the building that was already paid for.

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