$5.5 Million to be transferred to World Wide Work from Assembly Hall fund

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  • LV101

    CC or anyone: Per Coco's post what does "FWF" mean?


  • careful

    Might this be indicative of something else in the works? A reduction in the number and/or length of circuit assemblies? If they are still having 2 two-day ones per year, they might be going to only one. If they are still two-day affairs, perhaps they are going to only one-day assemblies. Either way, it would open up time slots for the existing assembly halls to accommodate twice the number they used to. It's the same principle they've been using for KH consolidation—why not do the same with AHs?

    Then the money grab would be in harmony with everything else they normally do. They are certainly not going to give it back!

  • sir82

    A reduction in the number and/or length of circuit assemblies?

    No way - assemblies are the biggest cash cows the WTS has.

    In the USA (don't know about other countries) there is a "per capita" cost of $10 per publisher for every assembly. Each circuit is expected to pay at least that much. Most probably pay much more.

    I.e., in the USA, circuit assemblies generate at least (2 times a year X 1.2 million publishers X $10) = $24 million annually.

    Actual CA expenses are probably not even 5% of that number. That's a 95+% profit margin. Oh, and tax free too.

    Why on earth would the WTS reduce their (USA) income by $12 million or more annually by cutting the number of assemblies?

  • disillusioned 2
    disillusioned 2

    There is a kingdom hall which was disbanded some years ago in Bootle, which is not far outside of Liverpool. It was up for sale for years before it was sold. I was in the area recently and went to take a look to see who it had been sold to and was quite surprised to see that The Seventh Day Adventist Church had bought it.

    What goes around .................

  • The Fall Guy
    The Fall Guy

    @ LV101 - F.W. Franz

  • sparrowdown

    Highway robbery.

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    them african dubs are gonna get a lot more kingdom halls.

    Image result for african kingdom halls

  • St George of England
    St George of England

    @careful - If they are still having 2 two-day ones per year, they might be going to only one.

    We have been on two 1-day events for some years now. One has the CO present, the other has a Branch Representative.


  • 2+2=5

    They risk losing some members by increasing this type of swindling.

    I know of cases here where donations were taken for the WWW... it adds up to millions $ stolen from Australian congregations who were expecting to get KHs built, and that’s just the few I’ve heard of locally.

    Mention the fire sale and JWs always reply with “there is massive growth in Africa! They NEED the KH more in Africa ...”

    The WTS must have multi-million dollar investment plans for a massive African continent expansion. Given the extent of the recent sales, it could be in excess of 1 billion dollars. The WTS might invest so much money, they will single handedly pull nations out of poverty, feed and clothe entire villages and stem the flow corruption!... or they could pay lawyers vast sums of money to defend the WTS against accusations of child sex abuse.

    Probably the latter, sorry Africa.

  • sir82

    LOL Kingdom Halls in Africa.

    Meanwhile, African JWs are being encouraged to sell their chickens and goats and donate the proceeds to the WTS, so that JWs in Outer Berserkerstan can have Kingdom Halls.

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